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Internet Handles Origins

Postby Dev » Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:47 am

so i was browsing a forum and i noticed a thread of people explaining the origins of their internet names. gave me an idea to come back lol. sorry for the absences :(

this is actually where my handle originates.. i went from Something-Really-Cool to Dev, mainly cause i used to go in the Dereth forum a lot. i got really involved in RPing cause Rao always involved me in stuff so I felt like i was important. this was my favorite, and my only place of RP cause everyone was close with eachother. well that's what i felt, when Rao involved me in his own thread when i was in my own, i felt like it was like some kind of awesome Marvel/DC crossover lol. so anyways i used to watch those animes where the devil was like, a supreme force with awesome powers but in the evil way, kinda like that fox thing with Naruto(lol). so anyways, i figured that i could name my guy Dev cause I wanted to kinda copy Rao. His name was 3 letters, so I shortened devil to 3 letters, hah.

then after that, i went on other forums after this forum started getting idle, so i went as Devfrost.. the reason for that was cause i always wanted to fit in and be called a Frost. :(

pretty much everything from my email to game names is devfrost lol

everytime i come back here, i try to log in as devfrost but i rmemeber this is the origin of Frosts so i login as Dev with tears running down my cheek ;(
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Re: Internet Handles Origins

Postby Rapscallion » Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:15 pm

Rapscallion basically means "rascal," but it was often associated with pirates (mostly because pirates were rascal scallywags who made life difficult). I was fourteen or fifteen when I signed on, so I wanted to establish myself as a wild child (which I totally wasn't, nor am I presently, but everybody goes through phases). Plus I thought the word sounded cool.
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