The music of Babylon 5

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The music of Babylon 5

Postby Sopranosbaby » Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:33 am

This CD represents mainly music from the first season of the show. The main themes heard included the Requiem for the Line, one of the best pieces from the first season. Also included are snippets of themes used through out the first season. Ranging from quiet, emotional pieces to louder battle sections, Christopher Franke's music is journey of pure excitement. The second season is also represented with music from the first half of the season. A definate change in style can be heard, as the show began to get darker in tone and so the music matches the events of the show. With the first season only represented on this volume and the episodic CD "Chrysalis", I recommend this CD totally. Definately worth purchasing, even if your'e not a Babylon 5 fan.
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