Londo's killing of the Shadows in Into the Fire

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Londo's killing of the Shadows in Into the Fire

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:29 pm

In Into the Fire, Londo's trying to rid Centauri Prime of all Shadow influence. He brings Mr. Morden in and shoots the three Shadows escorting Mr. Morden, presumably killing them.

My question is two fold.

How did Londo know about the presence of the Shadows? Sheridan only found out when he scanned for them in a room with some special sensors installed. I guess Mr. Morden just happened to walk into a room with such sensors installed by happenstance.

Also, given how hard a time Sheridan had killing a Vorlon with energy weapons, it seems unlikely that Londo would have been able to kill three times as many first ones with significantly less fire power. The Centauri are certainly more advanced than the humans, and their weapons are, no doubt, better then those that humans possess, but it seems unlikely that they would be that much more advanced?
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Re: Londo's killing of the Shadows in Into the Fire

Postby Winkchen » Sun Feb 10, 2008 2:53 pm

I think, he didn`t actually KNOW they were with him, he just guessed it..
And the weapon thing is a good question, don`t know how he did this, I think that`s a bit unlogical..
Even the mimbari couldn`t kill first one just with a simple weapon, I think..
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