advancements in blood transfusions

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advancements in blood transfusions

Postby TerraFrost » Sat May 12, 2007 3:19 am

Apparently progress has been made in converting blood of any type to type O (the universal donor type):

The technique potentially enables blood from groups A, B and AB to be converted into group O negative, which can be safely transplanted into any patient.

The method, which makes use of newly discovered enzymes, may help relieve shortages of blood for transfusions.

The work, led by the University of Copenhagen, is reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Using incompatible blood during a transfusion can put a patient's life in danger.

There's also been some advancements in the creation of artificial blood: ... 645923.stm ... 26-17.html

Researchers at Sheffield University said their creation could be a huge advantage in war zones.

They say that the artificial blood is light to carry, does not need to be kept cool and can be kept for longer.

Based on some posts [1], [2]

More info on artificial blood can be found here: ... OClink.htm
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