Renewel of the Realm

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Renewel of the Realm

Postby Dracofrost » Thu Jul 06, 2006 1:44 am

Alright... these forums have fallen by the wayside, frozen over, however you wish to phrase it. People have lost interest, and largely forgotten it.

No More.

From this point on, all that has occured here before this date, June 5th 2006, is ancient history. Time has skipped forward 1000 years; the Frosts still exist but as legends, grown too powerful. Frost City, renamed Neothule, is the capitol of a grand nation, however an Ice Age has ended. The climate has changed, with disasterous affects, prompting migrations, invasions, the extintion of species, the evolving of new ones. Ancient monsters, mythic and mighty even in the time of the initial Starfall, have thawed and emerged, new diseases are ravaging nations, corruption challenges the current rulership of the clan, and war stands at the borders.

The Frost nation is but one of many states growing up in this time, and though high technology is still viewed by many as magic, it has spread from it's original preservers, Omega and Mega. We are to make new characters now, and set out on new adventures, upon changed and tumultuous lands, some ravaged by wars, some by new diseases, some struggling to become utopias, and some isolated utopias now exposed and open to a harsher world.

Get ready, because this is gonna be one hell of a ride
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