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Postby Wolfie » Thu Jul 15, 2004 6:51 am

:Wolfie blinked watching neero as she lightly shrugged yawning she waved a hand lightly turning into a wolf she lyed down in a corner closing her eyes she wagged her tail lightly:
ЀA†H comes like £iƒε,
sometimes forced and unwanted and sometimes loved and longed for.
How will you Ði€?™
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Postby Thomas_Salsbury » Sun Aug 22, 2004 1:35 am

Vortex frowned at Neero, but complied and whipped up some mashed potatoes for him and took a wooden spoon and ploped some onto a plate for neero. "Here you go." he said. He turned towards Wolfie and watched her for second. He then went outside and sat in his favorite chair.
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Postby Neerowolf » Sun Aug 22, 2004 1:46 am

"Ohmigodohmigod taters!!"

*devours them like a hungry wolf*

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