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Postby Wolfie » Wed Dec 17, 2003 4:51 pm

i found a pic of my char..
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Postby chaotic century » Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:58 pm

Chaotic century is half elf half angel his perents named him century after his mothers father century, who was a great sorcerer. he grew up learning different types of magic and spells and with his celestrial powers he grew very powerful under the strict training of his grandfather.when he grew older he joined the army and became very skilled with a one battle his platoon was ambushed well the rest of his platoon retreated over the bridge he held of the ambush long enough for them to get to safety. when he returned unscathed they said he faught like a possesed man n named him chaotic the name stuck with him. he wandered thruought many lands helping people n doing whatever he one of his adventures he defeated an evil demon n found a ring. being a shiney ring he put it on and immediatly he was taken over by an evil presence. but the training his grandfather had givien him helped him to overpower the spirit n keep it at bay. the ring gave him advanced abilitys it hightened his senses and magic powers.he did not kno much of his angelic background other than his father was an angel. he joined a group called the royal court of the pointy shiney and was named duke. but he often likes to wander along the land n b with the simpler folks.but now the royal blades of the pointy shiney have been stolen and he must bring them back to the noble queens.
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Postby Thomas_Salsbury » Thu Jan 01, 2004 9:53 pm

Name: Vortex
Species: 1/3 Vampire, 1/3 demon, 1/3 Human
Weapon of choice: Diamond Javelin.
Power of choice: Pyro
Bio: Not much is known about him. He doesn't like anybody. He is arrogant and rude and disrespectful, but he has the skill to back it up. Can drain the energy out an opponant with his fangs. He was killed in a recent battle with the forces of good.
Signature move: Teleportation.
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Postby ChatOmbre » Sat Jan 03, 2004 3:51 am

Name: Rosanna Nightwhisper or Chat Ombre
Race: human/cat
Gender: female
Class: shadowcaster
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 105
Eyes: like a cat's
Hair: red/black

Bio: Rosanna is able to manipulate shadow and turn into a cat.
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Postby Neerowolf » Sat Jan 03, 2004 4:31 am

Name: kyj (made with random name generator, hitting two keys and putting a vowel between them :))
Age: 17
Race: Demon
Gender: Male
Class: None, but has magic powers
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140
Eyes: Flourescent Blue
Hair: Gold

Bio: A young and handsome demon who has no idea of the powers he posesses and is very lost in the world. He has the ability to float 20ft in the air at max, and is particularly normal except for his occasionally powers. As he learns skills, he learns more about himself and becomes even stronger, but for now, he has no idea of customs, emotions, or really anything else. All he knows is how to speak and that he has special abilities.

1.) Hes neutral. He has no concept of good or evil. It depends on how he learns. Its kinda like a clean sheet for someone to get an ally.

2.) This is mainly for posting characters. Unless you have something relevant to say, then don't say anything at all, ok? I'm not trying to be mean or anything.

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My new char.

Postby Thomas_Salsbury » Sat Jan 03, 2004 8:54 pm

Name: Torque
Class: Trainee Swordsman
Items: His grandfather's rapier, chain mail armor.
Bio: Torque never really liked fighting. His father, being a born soldier, had always tryed coaxing him to learn the way of the warrior, but Torque wasn't interested. One day, in the woods, he saw a green mist and he went to investigate, he accidently breathed it in, and it was gone. Soon, the day after that, he oodly wanted to take up swordsmanship. He got his father to teach him and he got to weild his granddad's sword.
Torque sword.gif
Grandfather's rapier.
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Postby Tar-Herunole » Thu Jan 15, 2004 1:24 pm

On invitation of Chaotic Century I will have here a preliminary introduction to be completed in later days...

Name: Tar-Herunole
Race: Elf, Noldo
Class: Wizard/Ranger
Gender: Male
Age: a few thousend years...
Height: 210 cm.
Weight: 75 kg
Eye Color: Greyish Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: White

Bio: Born in Beleriand, in the House of Fingolfin and Fingon the Valiant, became the last High King of the Noldor in the Middle Earth, when the remaining of his family and most of his race left for Aman...
High King of the Noldor in Middle-Earth
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Postby Neerowolf » Sat Jan 24, 2004 2:30 am

Name: Hiryu
Race: Human/A'sierra
Class: Nightblade
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Alignment: N/A

Bio: Hiryu is a loyal friend to Icegaze from the past. Because of his bloodlines, he is immortal. The A'sierra is a race of immortal wolf gods. Because of his mixed blood, however, he never ages, but he can be killed. He had wolf features, like the ears, and a tail, but he cannot shape-change. In the past, he and Icegaze were heroes in a distant land. But because of the time and the dramatic change in Icegaze's appearance, Hiryu doesn't recognize icegaze, and because of Icegaze's memory loss, Icegaze doesn't recognize Hiryu. But by fate they have been brought together to fight for the nation of FrostJedi.
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Postby Icegaze » Mon Jul 19, 2004 6:03 pm

Name: Umbro
Race: Human
Class: Merchant
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Items: great sword, bow, quiver, golden dagger, longsword, short sword, relic, anch, Book of Hades, axe head, martial arts gi, poncho, boots, hoverboard.

Appearance: He is usually seen wearing a poncho, carrying a large pack of various items, but when in battle, he uses his mighty great sword while dressed in a martial arts gi.

Bio: Born and raised in Frost City, he grew up to be a respectable merchant and decent swordsman. He has a hoverboard that he can summon by remote for fast escape.
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Postby Cronosonic » Fri Aug 13, 2004 7:40 am

Name: Cronosonic
Class: swordsman
Gender: male
Age: 15
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown(In human form)
Skin Color: Blue, with green stripes(I'm a hedgehog. When in human form, it's reguar skin colour.)

Bio: Cronosonic is a mercenary, who travels with Bass. He wields the chaos blade, and knows many melee fighting moves. He also has a ride armor, and knows the special attack, the Annihilation blast. He is also a magic user.
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Postby MegaManV2 » Mon Sep 27, 2004 7:22 pm

Name: MegaManV2
Class: Trainee of everything and anything
Species: Living Machine (AKA Robot with soul and free will)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black

Bio: MegaManV2 is a robot that looks just like Mega Man. The only things that are different are: stronger buster, abilty to use beam sabers and an attitude problem. Plus he can use magic. His trademark move is the Hell Blast, where fire and plasma mix together to make an unstoppable blast. He can also use the Weapon Copy, which allows him to take one weapon from an defeated enemy.
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Postby silversrose » Tue Oct 19, 2004 3:39 pm

Name: Kilara (prefers Kila) ; [other personality is unknown as of yet]
Alias: silversrose
Age: n/a looks about 15-6 ; 16
Height: 5'6"
Weight: never ask a woman her weight >_<
Hair: silver/ black
Eyes: golden with specks of light brown
Race: Kitsune
Special abilities: summons and controlls plants, has a split personality, not necessarially able to controll this as of yet (no further information can be provided)
Weapons: a katana and her controll of plants
Past: thief, cant really remember much else, just alot of blood...mine...
Other: has another form, she can transform to a silver fox, unlike her second form, the raven harired girl, she can do this at will
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Postby theprophet123 » Tue Dec 07, 2004 10:52 pm

Name: unknown
"Name": Bubbles
Gender: Unknown
Age: Impossible to tell
Height: 6'6"
Hair: none
Eyes: Glowing Balls of red flame
Race: Lich/Cyborg

Bubbles is a lich coming from the land "The Abyss". Bubbles notable features include a metal tentacle in the place of his left arm, a body seemingly stitched together from many different creatures, and cybernetic implants all over Bubbles' body.

Bubbles' abilities include strong magic, hidden weapon implacements, and the ability to open portals seemingly whenever he wants.
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Full Metal Bio

Postby Zeno Machina » Sun Feb 13, 2005 4:24 am

Name: Zeno Machina
Aka: Z-0
Race: Z series Experiment Prototype
Gender: Male
Age: Currently unknown

Description: Standing a clean 5'11, he is not that unusual to look upon.... at a distance. At a close glance, black and white striped hair is spiked up over blue pupil-less eyes. THose cerulean orbs glow light lights in the dead of midnight, in those narrow sockets. He looks down at his hands, hands of dull grey, and blue green color. Made of metal plating and metallic muscles, he looks exactly like a human except for his obvious metal hide.

Abilities: People refer to him in fond memory if lucky, as a creature of human geneous. His creators having chosen the perfect specimen to make as their top of the line product. Z's family was well known in the olden days for its mysterious powers over steam-work and metals. WIth a naturally stubbornness for death, they were a very hearty blood-line as well. Thus he was perfect. For now Z is able to push his mechanical body to its limits. For example, His favorite weapons are his arms. FOr the main reason that he can reshape the metal and form blades or even energy cannons. This is but one use for his abilities. WIth several upgrades and modifications, his brain is far beyond any of our current day computers. Able to use this power he can tap into other devices of metal and machine and connect with them on a level not even a remote can. With magic in his blood, and fire in his soul he is not a individual to choose a nightly robbery upon.

History: Son to the old noble family of Deforest, he was taken as a child. One a ordinary boy of human lineage, he was forced into long years of experiemntation and agony. Yelps and screams commonly his lullaby as he was changed one piece ata time till fiinally all of his body was replaced with a system of living robotics. State of the art and alien technology found on the surface of his world by scientists. THis technology was far more advanced then the old steam fantasy setting that was Thra'linde. Thus was the transformation from a boy known as Deforest to the man known as Z-0.

One day, it all changed, he was set free by the girl that had befriended him. A assistant to the scientists. A girl named charity. Z-0 had forgotten his past completely, even his name. SO she gave him this one. Zeno Machina, giving him her last name and showing him he always had a place with her. THus was the day he began his escape and running from the Z project. DUring his escape he was saved by a large mechanical beast called the bkz. THus ever since the two mechanical wonders wander this sword and shield world.

It has been many years since this and he had wandered to MYst and far beyond. Now he is the spacer known as Tristan Deforest. Taking up his given name and becoming the freelance captain of the Tsv Muireann. Being a jack of all trades had its good points but he always was looking for that one big fish to make him rich. Certainly the day he left Myst and appeared on the futuristic land he has developed far more. FOr now he bears skin and black hair. THus he can blend in without a problem. Thus is his rather monotonous life now. One job and one more day is now his life.... FOr now he has wandered through myst to here, on his journey to hunt down a certain somebody for debts must be paid. And blood is certainly a debt he will make sure to collect on. Life continues on.....

Tsv Muireann: Outfitted to the teeth with all sorts of eqipment and nice "toys" as z calls them. Z built it from the junker he found it as. With a few years of money and sweat he fixed it up and it now exceeds the speed and firepower of any ship in its class. Outfitted with the latest in weaponry and sensors, it is a small warship/escort ship. Outfitted for anything from babysitter to racer, the Muireann always completes the mission one way or the other.
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