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Character Description Roster

Postby Dracofrost » Fri Feb 28, 2003 11:05 am

This here is a thread for anybody who wants to roleplay here in the Training Grounds to post a basic description of your character. Just a basic description is all that needed; the background story and list of abilities can be however simple or elborate as you want, and you can pretty much be whatever you want. Remember rule #1: Have fun! Also, please no more than one post per character; if you come up with a better version of the story, something more detailed, or would just like to add on a new ability you've aquired, just update the post you had before for that character.

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Postby WRB » Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:08 pm

Could you give me an example? I'm kinda stumped as to what I'm supposed to do. . .
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Postby Dracofrost » Mon Apr 21, 2003 6:28 pm

Okay, I'll make some random thingy, but it doesn't really have to follow any particular table or something. This is free form roleplaying, understand. But here's a random example:

Name: Bob
Class: Farmer
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: It's brown too (just for the heck of it)

Bio: Bob is a very boring farmer dude who would make a very boring and not very useful adventurer, if he was an adventurer. But he isn't. He's just some stupid guy who's been farming all his life and doesn't really know much of anything else. He would be pretty handy if you wanted to grow something or chop through crops, though.

Anyways though, hopefully you can come up with a character that's more intresting than just Bob the farmer dude. Remember, this is free form, so you can pretty much be anything.
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Postby Fei » Wed Apr 23, 2003 1:32 pm

Fei has trained under the strict Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordplay, the deadliest disciplin of the Samurai class, for a number of years unimaginable by humans. The style was designed for the sole purpose of assassination, comprised of concise deadly cuts to vital areas of a target. Though his primary stance is used to invoke death, with as long as Fei's been around, he's had time to take note of many other great swordsmen and implement their style into his, eventally forming the most well rounded swordplay style a Samurai can develope, yet he continues to strengthen his combat capacity, devising new tactics and forms with every passing battle.

During the first twenty years of his life, he held a very childish appearance, seemingly aging much slower than everone around him, for this, he was shunned, and eventually abandoned in a forest, which became his home for the next seventy years of his life. Left with only his most basic training, the diamond katana left for him vy the village elder, Fei lived amongst the wildlife, developing skills far beyond comparison by many. He trained in a massive river, standing and moving against its swift current, eventually becoming able to traverse upstream as though he were on land. He spent many a day in front of that fall, holding his sword through it's rushing currents, straining against it, forging his body which was becoming as durable as his diamond katana. Fei spent hours just exercising, running through the forest, finding out how to hunt tough game, and make various clothings out of their hides. He'd increased his ability far beyond the threashold of humanity, eventually tapping in to his deeply hidden conciousness, finding a secret hidden within him.

Upon his awakening, Fei looked at his hands, the fingernails had been replaced with talons. He felt his face narrowm and could see his nose. He reached his hands behind him, feeling his infant wings, flinching upon touching the flaps of skin, not yet ready to take flight. Tracing the contours of his skin, he felt scales, similar to the ones he'd seen on fish he'd caught had emerged, plating his skin. And he felt the tail skidding over the ground, turning around, not quite able to see it. He made his way to the river. Upon looking into the crystal water, he caught a glimpse of himself, and his new look. Human in form... yet what? A dragon. Fei was excited about this. It opened a new realm of training, the mere thought of being able to fly as the birds do made him tingle with excitement, and how this developement would open an entirely new dimension in swordplay. He used this new form for sixty years, remaining in the forest for that duratio, until he emerged, ready to venture into the world. Good thing he'd spoken to himself daily, he found himself roughly fluent in the way humans speak.
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Postby Rao » Thu May 08, 2003 2:40 am

Jedda was born on the planet of Bespin. Where his father realized that the force was in his young son. He took him to Yavin, the Jedi academy. Jedda was only 5 years old mind you and was not the biggest or strongest. But he was very smart and picked up on things very quickly and had very clever tongue. Jedda studied under Luke Skywalker, the greatest Jedi that is said ever to live. Luke, being very busy, never took padawans. But what he saw in this small pale boy was something he never saw in other incoming padawan. A will to use all aspects of the force. Jedda had somehow figured out how to use all the aspects of the force without any training. And Luke wanted to make sure that nothing of any hate would this boy see.

So, all day he trained him. Luke taught Jedda everything he knew. They would run the forests of Yavin, Jedda was faster than all the jedi, smarter, and he soon grew stronger. He was an excellent padawan, he constanly practiced his saber techniques. Inventing a new one also. Luke saw this but still he did not want him to take the trails. Jedda did not question. He was very quiet and intense all the time.

Jedda turned 20 the day trail was to take place. As Luke knew, Jedda pasted no problem, even excelled past the limits. But the moment Luke waited for was when he picked up the lightsaber. The lightsaber attuned to the type of jedi you were to be. Green=Master Blue=Knight Orange=Knight
Yellow=Knight Purple= Jedi high Master Red=sith if takes anger as the path.

Jedda picked up the Lightsaber and sparked it and a purple flare came. Luke breathed a sign of relief.

Jedda did many assignments becoming a well know Jedi. He now, is here, at the Frost Jedi forums.
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Postby WRB » Tue Jun 10, 2003 4:37 pm

Timilii Fogerburp Third the second is a Hark, a smaller, more agile version of a human, who have small, wellrounded ears and live on densely packed cities(in other words, NOT AN ELf). He grew up in his fathers' (Timilii Fogerburp Third the first) mansion, and untill 31 (the same as 13 in human lifespans) he was rich, snobbish, and happy. But when war broke out, and his father was killed, his life was ruined, rushed out of a door he could not open. The city he lived in was razed, and his home was ransacked. He barely managed to escape, only to be captued by trollocs (sorry, my ability to create evil creatures and be creative died) and taken underground. He was there for a week before a band of adventures came and cleared out the place. He joined them, and learned how a dungeon works. First, talk to seemingly unkowing villagers till good gossip strikes home. Then, the long walk to the dungeon before actually going into it. Then, the first assult, running through every door way, with the most healthy person going first, killing the beast or beasts and taking the treasure. After that, the mini boss, who you force info about the boss out of, and last the boss him/herself. After many, many years of this, his party members were sloughtered by a trap they thought was one-time-use. As such, Timilii was once more on his own.
Through the years, Timilii has collected hundreds of tools, trinkets, spells and swords, becomeing frighteningly proficiant (but never a master) with all of them. he uses few of the things he finds more than three times, selling them at first chance. He has developed a fear of bluegrass, money that talks to him(which he swears he sees alot) and turnips. on top of all this, he is an exellent thief, natrrally silent and very knowledgeable(sp?) about all sorts of thievelry. in fact, he's a what-ever-it-is that cant keep frome stealing and its a mental disorder.
Was this okay? It's my first free form charictor, so I'm just kinda testing it.
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Postby Neerowolf » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:30 pm

Born to an elf and a t'rin, a group of light tan skin, below average height, and extremely fast people. They live to be about 500, and they usually travel in small groups, but always migrate to normiroth, their city (more like a village), every fall. They are very adept in magic. He was born in the elven city of Quelthalas, where he spent 4 years of his life. After that, his father brought him to Normiroth by his mother's wishes. He learned many t'rin arts, such as acrobatics, illusion and destruction spells, and weilding of the katana. He never knew that his people would be in grave danger.

A dark necromancer named Vaarn icewhisper had set out for the destruction of the t'rin. He was trying to control the world, nation by nation. He started small, and went after the t'rin. When his parents brought him to Neverwind, a large elven port city, normiroth was attacked. It was mid-fall, and Neeros was beginning his journey home for his 51 birthday, that's 14 in human years. Varn's undead army was stationed there, waiting for returners to normiroth. prior to returning to normiroth, he and his parents we're the some of the only survivors. Now, as they neared the city, they had no idea of what was happening in it.
The city is strategicly posted on top of mount elross so that the t'rin could see if anythings invading, sort of to keep an eye on the land. The bad thing is that theres no other way out of the mountain then the ragged pass used to get into the city. Therefore, if an army came up through the pass, the t'rin could spot them, but then it would only allow them time for a couple last meals, or possibly to take up arms. Also, there were many escape routes, but, seeing as it was, the t'rin never even noticed the army approaching, because of the coming of the festival of the lonely star. The t'rin were foolish, not seeing the approaching army, then they came in and slaughtered every last one of them. None of the t'rin escaped.

about a month later, Neeros and his parents returned. The thing was, the army saw them coming. They sent out runners to kill the three, but little did they know that they were facing 2 expert archers. when the runners came, 5 of them, Neeros and his mother drew their bows. they killed 2 of the runners, and his father used a tremor spell to cause rocks to fall and killed 2. Thje last runner fled. But soon, more runners came after the party, and they sent neeros away, knowing of their fate. they held back the forces long enough for neeros to escape safely, thus he was the last of a would-be extinct race. A lone wolf... Neerowolf....

He swore to avenge his dead parents, his dead race. He first went to Quelthalas, the nearest city, and told the king about his distress. The king was shocked and raised his army. They seiged normiroth, killed vaarn. Neerowolf never really got over the death of his parents. He hid most of the time. Whenever someone raised a rumor about him or fought him, he would assassinate that person. He rarely stole, but he was great at it. he was never caught. He specialied in stealth, and hates people who hang around forums and pretend to be stealthy.

Name: NeeroWolf
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125
Hair: Sandy blond
Eyes: Naturally green; can change
Special abilities: Dimesional rift, destruction impulse, fear impulse, summon illusion, mind read, shadow slash, split image, shadowmeld, Styx Demon-sword

Class: NightBlade(prestige)16
Str: 18
Dex: 20
Con: 13
Int: 11
Wis: 14
Cha: 13

Health: 107/107
Mana: 62/62


Class: NightBlade(Prestige)1
STR: 14

Health: 11
Mana: 5
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Postby Icegaze » Fri Jun 27, 2003 10:24 pm

True Name: Unknown
Alias: Icegaze
Age: Unknown due to time he was frozen.
Race: Thought to be human, though the amount of time frozen may have altered his race. His blue skin for example.
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Class: Ice Warrior

Items: Deathrite longsword, old brown cloak, old brown pants, chainmail made of mysterious metal, leather gloves, leather boots.

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 5

Physical Description:
Icegaze has a cyan tint to his skin, which along with his long, royal blue hair, makes him stand out. His eyes are also blue. A ratty brown cloak usually wraps his body, but when it does not, Icegaze's good build shows. Clothing is rather simple for Icegaze. He wears a very strong chainmail vest of unknown white metal that he awakened with. Besides that vest, Icegaze's clothing is rather simple: leather gloves, leather boots, and worn baggy brown pants. A red longsword made of a foriegn substance called deathrite is usually seen dangling about his waist, too.

History: Upon awakening in a cube of ice in a mountain cave north of Frost City, Icegaze caused some trouble with the Frost Jedi. After being imprisoned for hundreds of years, Icegaze was released and had a new view on the world. However, most people still view Icegaze as a monster.
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Postby Some Unreg Punk » Sat Jul 12, 2003 7:02 am

Duran has no idea how he came here. His memory is foggy and the last thing he remebers is sitting under a giant maple tree. Except it colored all black. currently he is walking down a road. He holds a staff in one hand and a rope tied around a bag is strapped to his waist. it holds some food. We wears a long buff jacket ( it's an thick armored jacket that comes down to his legs, it's held together with buttons.) It's half buttoned up. He wears tough leather boots of some animal.
He wears a cap with a strange symbol on it. No one yet has recognized it but he figures one day some one will. Then he or she can tell him where he came from. ( the cap were the only article of clothing on him when he was found some years ago)

He has no pupils yet he can see well in both extremes of night and light. He is colored black on the outside but everything inside of him is white. He even bleeds white.

His memories are fragmented even the name he carries he feels isn't fully his name. It's missing something.
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Postby Apollo » Thu Aug 21, 2003 10:18 pm

Name: Fantasygod
Age: 1,000
Race: Half-elf, Half-pixe
Class: Sniper
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 37 lbs.
Eye Color: N/A
Hair Color: N/A
Skin Color: N/A he's invisable

Bio: Fantasygod has lived in the forest all his life. He is able to make very strong and accerate bows and arrows. When his forest was cut down he came to the Frost Jedi castle to find Omaga for a cure for his invisablety problem, and for a new home.
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Postby ChatOmbre » Wed Sep 17, 2003 8:22 pm

Name: Laenna
Class: Illusionist/Bard?
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Electric Blue
Skin: Pale
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 115

Boi: Layanna is a rather strange girl. She's mute, but can understand others fine. Also she can't hold much energy herself, so she dances to summon enough energy for her spells.
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Postby shadows_revenge » Wed Oct 29, 2003 1:39 am

Well I have decided to get into this so here I go.

Race: Elf
Eyes:Fire Red

Background: Char was trained in the art of magic at an early age. Being an only child, he had to keep up the legacy of magic in the family. He was trained every day by various relatives of his in order for him to master the technique of magic spells. He was taught a varity of spells in his life, which his fires spells became extremely powerful, matching that of some masters. Once he was finally finished with all of his training to become a sorcerer, his family set him off on his life and his adventures.

Char learned many things during his journey. He learned how to deal with certain types of people and how to avoid those that would cause a trouble that he wasn't prepared for. He trained all around, trying to improve his magic skills in order to become as strong as he could. After getting some training from wizards and sorcerers around the world, he mastered many of their spells and adapted some of theirs into his own. He carries an old cedar staff and a powerful one-handed sword in which he has mastered.

Char is currently journeying around the world, looking for quests and companionship for his long journey.
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Postby nemele » Thu Nov 20, 2003 4:05 am

Ooooooh. I want to join!

This is actually my character from an RPG system Cochon and I hosted (and designed, and co-GM'ed) on CR last year.

Player: nemele
Name: Soraya StarFlare
Race: Icantri
Age: 21
Skill(s): basic Fire magic
Weapon(s): Crossbow
Armor: none
Helmet: none
Gloves: Archer’s arm- and wrist-guards
Boots: black combat boots
Accessory: Dagger
Jewelry: Bloodstone amulet
Health: 60/60
Mana: 20/20 [+15] = 35/35
Energy: 30/30
Strength: 5 [-2] = 3
Dexterity: 5 [-2] = 3
Agility: 6 [+3] = 9
Endurance: 5 {+4} = 9
Will: 5 [+5] {+4} = 14
Control: 5 [+6] {+2} = 13
Luck: 6 [+0] {+3} = 9
Constitution: 5 [+0] {+3} = 8
Creativity: 3 [+0] {+3} = 6
Intelligence: 3 [+0] {+1} = 4
Instinct: 5 [-2] = 3
Sneak: 3 [-2] = 1
Threat: 10 [-4] = 6
Courage: 15 [+0] = 15
Hometown: StarSpike
Background: Grew up in the Icantri capital of StarSpike. Ventured into the human cities in her early teen years and picked up some of the culture. She’s become a sort of ‘punk’ Icantri, and her wings are dyed black with gold and bronze tips. Her mother, an archery champion, taught her how to use her crossbow, although her real strength lies in her Fire magic.

A little more information on the Icantri: They are based on the Icarii in Sara Douglass' The Wayfarer Redemption series (which, by the way, is wonderful; you should all go read it!). They look essentially like humans in every aspect--except for the fact that they have large feathered wings sprouting from their shoulder blades. They are a generally peaceful people, but quickly become warlike when threatened. Almost all of them are exceptionally good singers.
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Postby Wolfie » Thu Nov 20, 2003 4:14 pm

me 2!

Player: wolfie
Name: Wolfie
Race: Elf/wolf
Gender: Femal
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark bluw
Skin tone: Fair
Weight: 110
Height: 5'7

Speacial trats: home made awsome cookies :p claw and bite attack

speed: up to 40 mph
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Postby Rao » Mon Dec 15, 2003 6:53 pm

Rao first came into his own under the strict training of Master Fei. Rao trainined all day, everyday, leaning quickly the way of the sword. Fei quickly learned Rao's hidden powers. Rao had immense strength, endurace speed and healed almost instantly. He also was ery dangerous with his new found sword, the Kamikaze. Fei brought Rao to his destiny as Fei helped locate the great Mountain fortress in which Rao had dreamed he ruled. After ruling for 20 years, a large army of goblins and orcs attacked. Seeing that his people would die, he made a deal with a witch, Rao had to give her his soul. After many years of service, his job was done. He was now hated by his old allies, and dispised more by his enemies.

Rao came to Fei and begged for apology. Fei forgave him, but did not trust him. Rao redeemed himself, With the help of the mighty warrior Lugians, he built a large castle and began the alliance called the last stand. He became very powerful, and only to Master Fei was he equalled with a sword. His prowness on the battlefield was great known by many. Yet again, tragedy struct, The witch lauched an assault on the fortress, again destroying Rao's army and he was lost. For many months no one had heard from him, many of his friends searched, but none found him.

He then appeared, finding his friend Kitcho. Who hasnt left his side since they were reunited.

Kitcho is just a mediocre warrior, more of a spy or agent. He has learned alot with a blade, but he is more of an aqauintance and plays no important role in the story.
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