Zeronightmare's elemental weapon store

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Zeronightmare's elemental weapon store

Postby ZeroNightmare » Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:50 am

I'm just a guy that came across some special metals, and put it up for sale here's some:

Elem. dagger: 2 ice cubes
Elem. lance: 3 ice cubes
Elem. bow: 2 ice cubes
Elem. long sword: 3 ice cubes
Elem. katana: 4 ice cubes
Elem. axe: 3 ice cubes

infuse these items in the weapons for a power boost:

Fire Element: 4 ice cubes
Thunder Element: 4 ice cubes
Ice Element: 4 ice cubes
Earth Element: 4 ice cubes
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