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Frost Jedi Surplus Depot

Postby Evlfrost » Fri Jan 24, 2003 7:10 pm

Welcome all to the Frost Jedi Surplus Depot. Here we sell items that are middling between good and evil. The way that they are able to be both good and evil without canceling each other out is truly a marvel. Come let me show you some of what is in stock:

*Dual Potion-either heals and ally or hurts an enemy your choice.
*Mana Potion-adds mana of any type.
*Essense of Neutrality-allows you to walk right out of any hot zone.
*Neutral Breastplate-cancel all good and evil attacks against you.
*Boots of Neutrality-keeps you neutral and not on one side or the other.
*Shield of Frost-stop all black or white mana attacks against you.
*Frost Sword-use the standard issue sword for all guards.
*Great Axe-can chop through anything.
*Spear of the Jedi-like a lightsaber but throwable
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