Any idea about Nav4All

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Any idea about Nav4All

Postby secondpush » Wed May 24, 2006 1:56 pm

Are you guys aware of Nav4All, a newly developed off-board navigation software designed for your GPRS cell phones? Once you download and install this software in your cell, by adding a Bluetooth GPS receiver, you will be able to use your mobile to do GPS tracking and tracing, provided that the GPS receiver is connected with your cell, and you have constant GPRS internet connection. The exchange of data between your cell and the central server who provides the digital map is carried out in forms of GPRS, and the file size is pretty small, the company guarantees its map to be absolutely the latest world-wide, not just that, the simplicity of operating the software triumphs other navigation systems. For the time being, even though the software is free of charge for everyone to download it from its website, the service is still only at the testing stage, and is only open to European users. Yet, rumor has it that the launch in North America is imminent, so, personally, I'm quite looking forward to this thing...
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Postby goroul » Sat Jun 24, 2006 6:51 pm

I`ve tried the software and i think i has the basics,but some features still need to be more sophisticated..Although it is for free and is easy to be used ,its main drawback is that the maps are not that detailed ..Also ,Even if you veer off course, the system recalculates your route and puts you back on track ,but with a certain delay ..It could be better ,but i guess as it is still for free it is not fully developed yet..Anyways , if you need it mainly for highways ,it works well.. ... wnload.php
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