most unstable applications ever

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most unstable applications ever

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:05 pm

What are the most unstable applications you have ever had the pleasure of dealing with?

Half-Life / Counter-Strike probably ranks among the most unstable, for me. Though I haven't played it in several years, last time I did, I always had bizzare display problems. And that's when I didn't crash. I will grant that the computer I was playing it on might not have been the "cleanest" computer in the world, but still!

Adobe Acrobat. I only ever tried running Half-Life / Counter-Strike on one computer. I've run Adobe Acrobat on multiple computers and on every one, it's hiddiously unstable. A lot of this is, I think, due to Adobe's stupid update detection program. If I try to open a PDF from the web and an updated version of Acrobat is available, a "Do you want to update?" dialogue will open behind all my windows. As a consequence, I never see that dialogue. The PDF, however, won't load until some action is taken on that dialogue - either you tell it to update or you tell it to go away. So from my perspective, the PDF simply never loads.

Of course, were Adobe ever to rectify this, Adobe Acrobat would still be in my list of most unstable applications ever because, despite the fact that "fake" crashes are possible "real" crashes still happen quite frequently.

edit: Grr... Adobe Acrobat wants to reboot after its stupid update program was done running. I can understand having to reboot for updates to Windows XP but for some stupid app? I really dislike apps that require pointless restarts...
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Postby Drazo » Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:55 pm

Realm Crafter - extremely buggy, loves to crash, evil interface and system and is pretty much unusable. They keep writing updates and patches for it but very few ever get fixed properly, in fact, what gets added is also incomplete therefor making it even more 'buggy' overall. The most annoying bug is when you test the client it won't let you return to windows let alone access other applications (inc. task manager!). If you have a firewall running while it's trying to connect to the server you've got a problem as it won't let you access the pop-up to allow it through or not. Every time this happens I have no choice but to physically reset the computer.

It’s also hard to navigate around the program (especially the tools themselves) and most of the ‘tools’ don’t work properly – some don’t do anything at all! The program(s) is/are poorly written and there are still a lot of unavoidable bugs which especially love giving “Memory Access Violation” error messages at any time you’re innocently tampering with certain tools or controls the program comes with.
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Postby slayerchange » Sat Sep 30, 2006 6:16 pm

Adobe Acrobat is the only software I hate!!! Ok think about this program. You can see pdf documents by this software, It is ok. But What can you do different than seeing a document??
When you install it, it creates shortcuts everywhere , but why does one need to start Acrobat if there is no pdfss? :) :) Thats sutupid :D
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