thoughts of a 24th century traveler

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thoughts of a 24th century traveler

Postby TerraFrost » Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:08 pm

coming from the 24th century (USS Enterprise, specifically), i have to say... life in the early 20th century sucks!

potty training, for instance. while i understand it's necessity, realize that in the 24th century, we just have transporters beam that stuff out of us on a regular basis.

one of the more contentious issues when building the uss enterprise D was the inclusion of a single toilet. to use an analogy that might be appropriate for this audience... it's akin to including a punch card reader on a core 2 duo laptop. it just doesn't make any sense. in both cases, no one knows how to use it and it just takes up space.

i guess the main reason it was included was because the designer was one of those rare individuals who actually was potty trained. i think they're all a bunch of crazies, mind you.

anyway, something else that also amazes me about the early 21st century is the lack of drm proliferation. if i want a copy of worf's klingon opera's (worf's a klingon coworker of mine; klingon's are aliens), he has to give me the isolinear optical that they originally came on. i can't get a copy of them because... well, let's just say that 24th century drm is waaaay more advanced than 21st century drm.

and have you ever tried to replicate a replicator or what-not? you can't! the binary data that the replicator uses to construct the replicator has one of those fancy copy protection bits enabled. violins don't, because they're so old, but replicators... you betcha.

on one hand, i'm totally envious of ya'll. life without drm has to be bliss. on the other hand... potty training? yuck. i'll keep the drm if it means not having to undergo potty training, thank you very much!
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