Various Rules (Last Updated 4/13/2008)

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Various Rules (Last Updated 4/13/2008)

Postby Evlfrost » Fri Mar 25, 2005 7:34 am

Hooray! Mega's tyranny has finnally come to an end! Now we have a spammer in charge around here. Someone who know uh.....dont you? Oh well here are some general things you should keep in mind and follow.

This is a spam forum. Any serious conversations will either be spammed in or moved. It really depends on what kind of a mood I am in.

All newbie threads made in this forum are subject to spam. If you dont want it spammed then dont post it here.

Fighting is allowed only if I win all of them and nobody gets hurt. Just keep in mind my signature *Dodges* move. That move is copyrighted by myself and all who use it without permission will have their post edited.

Spam is not allowed to be dissed, flamed, eaten or cut, grilled, fried, etc.

No profanity! This is a pg13 board and is going to stay that way. No sexual references either.

Please try to stay somewhat on topic. I relize that this is a spam forum so I dont expect things to to the letter. But random posts in a thread about Flaming Whoever talking about what you ate for dinner last night is not aceptable.

No boredom is allowed! You will have fun or you will face my wrath! No exceptions.

If anybody starts a thread called Peter Piper Ate a Peck of Pickled Peppers will immediatly earn my anger and I will promptly deleted the thread and warn them not to do it again.

If anyone wants to launch huggles on Omega should get in contact with me first.

All threads about must stay about me......Unless of course it is flaming or dissing me, in which case the topic had better change or it will be terminated. Actually I think that all threads that diss people should be terminated........

Anyone who calls me "Spamfrost" will be punished!

I should stop talking now as you probably have gotten the idea.

Well hope you all mind the rules (for your sake).

Have fun!

Your friendly moderator,


Other helpful threads include:

Update (by Drazo):

Global Moderators are moderators with full moderative powers in all forums who can also ban users, moderate reports, etc. Just because there seems to be few people on here at the moment doesn't mean these boards go unmoderated, in fact there are more moderators and administrators than there are regular (L)users at the moment. So spammers and other single-figured-IQ morons who think they have every right to disobey FJ's rules and common sense will be dealt with ASAP.

Just because this forum is called 'Spammers Market' it doesn't mean this is where you can post your true spam crap/adverts.

The only people allowed to revive old/dead threads is Terra and the other admins, just because they own/run this place. :bow

And please, don't reply to true spam or adverts/junk. That includes you Rap. :p
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Postby Drazo » Tue May 01, 2007 2:37 am

When posting an advert (aka SPAM) we -

    • Have the right to edit (change) ANY content of the advert including the link (URL/address) you supply.
    • Have the right to delete (erase/destroy) the post or thread of adverts.
    • Have the right to mock (make fun of) you and your lame advert.
    • Have the right to discourage (repel) others from the product/service you advertise (aka ‘disadvertising’).

This applies to ALL forums, except it'll be moved to the Spammer's Market first if posted elsewhere.

The next spammer(s) to post crap here or anywhere will be faced with prosecution and hands surgically removed and sold on e-bay.

Seriously though not only are adverts unwelcome here but they will be edited or removed the moment a moderator or administrator sees it. I (and many others) will give absolutely NO tolerance for any adverty-spam. The same goes for hacks and script cheats especially against MMORPGs such as RuneScape.

:mgun :spam

:mgun :deal:

Another rule: When addressing the mad posters known as Raistlin, Omegafrost, Drazo and Evlfrost as a team, you address us as RODE.

Misaddressing will result in vivisection. :crazy
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