phpseclib 0.3.5 released

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phpseclib 0.3.5 released

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:12 pm

phpseclib 0.3.5 has been introduced. it introduces quite a few changes including, but not limited to,

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- lots of SFTP changes
  - new functions: touch, chown, chgrp, truncate
  - improved file type detection
  - put() can now write to the middle of a file
  - mkdir now accepts the same parameters that PHP's mkdir does
  - > 2GB files can now be uploaded / downloaded.
  - (internal) redo _realpath function
- across the board speedups for the various encryption algorithms
- multi-factor authentication support for Net_SSH2
- $callback parameter added to Net_SSH2::exec
- crypt_random() replaced with crypt_random_string()
- Net_SFTP_StreamWrapper added
- Net_SCP added
- Crypt_Twofish added
- Crypt_Blowfish added
- [security] strengthened DH key generation

The latest version can be downloaded from . The PEAR channel still needs to be updated as does the documentation.
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