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Postby Drazo » Mon Sep 12, 2005 3:23 pm

(I don't know whether to remove the 4th paragraph or not....what do you think? Oh and the last line isn't a grammar mistake - Drazo is supposed to mean 'Dragon God' in the 'ancient Drazonist language'. Critisise if you must but do make it helpful critism.)

There will be the time
Where once again the world will be mine
Your dominion will be over-thrown
And I’ll no longer be alone

I held back but I can take no more
The light has disappeared from me before

You killed my happiness
Threw my soul into darkness
I won’t ever forgive you
For I have the power to torment you too

The shadows is like the darkness
Where there’s light, there’s shadows
Where there’s no light, there’s ONLY shadows

Your species put me down once before
Rid my whole world of joy and lore
But now I’m back from the shadows
And this time I’ll kill you and rip you from limb to limb

Now the quandary has been done
The ultimate battle has begun
But for now on you should really watch out
Because my infinite Drazo is wandering about
[Don't watch here carefully]
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