The Ugly Grub

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The Ugly Grub

Postby Dracofrost » Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:15 am

This is a story written on the fly, told by one of my roleplaying characters. Magefrost was in a bad mood when he remembered this little bit from his distant past, from data he gathered studying intelligent life as a robot. Here's the story:

Far away upon a thread of time, on a hive in a rock in the depths of space, there lived a little grub in an asteroid. She was a sad little grub, because none of the other larvae liked her. They all thought she was ugly, and left her alone, even took her fungus when they could.
She lived a very sad little life for many long months, ignored by all the popular grubs in the hive. But, one day, she woke up surprised. She was feeling different, like she had never felt before.
When the adult insectoids smelt her, they took her to a special place, and fed her special syrup. She grew terribly fat, and soon started growing a cocoon. This cocoon grew very large and bulky, bigger even than the adults. She was happy and warm inside the cocoon, where none of the other grubs could bother her.
When she finally came out of the cocoon, she had metamophosed into a magnificent Queen. She was so happy, and so was the old Queen, who was very old. She was so old, that she was dying, but that was okay, because she had had a happy life. So she taught the new young Queen everything she knew, and made her the new Queen.
Then the new Queen ate all the grubs who had been mean to her when she was still a larvae. And she made it so that all mean grubs were eaten, and soon all of the grubs and adult insectoids were very nice to eachother.
The end.
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