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Movie script project

Postby Roadkill » Sat Jan 25, 2003 9:02 pm

if your seeking commody, this is not meant to be humorous in any way. It is, however, an interesting read. I have decided to put it in movie script format because i can control the veiws a bit easier this way. Im not sure how long it is, and have no Definite plot as of now, but i have been itching to write this type of universe for a while now. comments?

(scene starts black/blank, it fades into a shadowed/dark alley as the camera zooms out. A light falls into the alley, and the shadow of a running figure can be seen in the recent light. The camera looks up as the shadow runs by, and faces 2 highly equipped people with high powered flashlights blinding the camera. As the rush by and the blinding light no longer hides their appearance, the familiar uniform of a police officer can be seen, with higher tech equipment. As the officers run by on their chase, narrator begins)
[Notes: narrator is young, and his voice should reflect that. Not young as in still a child, but young as in young adult]
(scenes accompanying the narration mirror the words he says)
Narrator: They wear wrong. The new millennium did not mark a time of great change. The century and a half following it did. America, that once so proud country, had fallen. In its ashes lay turmoil as people struggled to form a new country, a new government to guarantee freedom and an easy life. That could not be so. The time for that had passed, and the former residents of what used to be the USA were in turmoil. Clans were formed, and battles were fought.

Canada, Mexico, and others attempted to bring in aid. After discovering it was useless, they sought to gain control. Revolution spread like a plague throughout North America. South America held on, but refugees flooded the countries with enough willpower to hang on. Somehow it spread to the islands, and the other continent. Mass murder was committed to attempt to maintain order. Some nuclear and biological devices were used. This, while it did solve the problem of outside invasion, created an internal revolution. The continents were without rule or order now.

Technology was at a standstill, so it seemed. Those trained in piloting aircraft took advantage of their planes. Some, hoping to save future generations, crashed or destroyed their own military planes. Others were sabotaged or destroyed in clan wars. Scientists were mainly killed in the chaos, but some were smart enough to survive, and others were adopted into clans.

Finally, one clan took the gold. The Coyote ruled over the Great Plains of North America. His cult gained power as people submitted, and it swept over the land like the chaos of 2157. By 2223, he had gained control over most the world.

Government wasn’t littered with lawyers, courts, judges, senators, presidents, kings or queens. This was entirely different from anything else. It was thought to be more efficient, as well. There were rules, but they were flexible and hard as a stonewall.

1 – in every child there is implanted several tiny devices that are capable of broadcasting health and location data
2 – kill, rape, murder, theft, robbery, abduction of person(s), poaching, or any other action deemed “illegal” will result in an active kill-time
3 – after you have committed a crime, you have a defined amount of time to live. Once your kill-time has passed, you are free to continue living as you see fit.
4 – any damages caused by yourself in a fleeing the police must be paid for or cleaned up immediately. Otherwise, your kill-time is extended.
5 – All clans may maintain their current organization and provide aid for a criminal of their own clan. However, any deaths resulting in such an event are the clans responsibility. By aiding an individual, the clan has claimed that that person belongs to their clan.

(camera returns to the chase, and opening credits and music start)
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Postby Rao » Sun Jan 26, 2003 10:42 pm

That is interesting you wrote this becuz I wrote something similar to this. I will post, it will take awhile, but mine revolves around the end of democracy and the beginning of Tyranny.
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