Megaman Fanfiction(Mega/Bass...and no,not yaoi. readnlearn)

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Megaman Fanfiction(Mega/Bass...and no,not yaoi. readnlearn)

Postby Thomas_Salsbury » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:21 pm

Rock sat on the couch, watching the television for any signs of Dr.Wily. It has been months since Dr.Wily has been seen, having excaped prison with the help of his creation ,Bass. Rock sighed. He knew he was going to have to fight Bass again, but he dreaded it because of Bass' obsession to destroy Rock. Rock knew the deep down, Bass was a decent person, but Bass' strive for power has driven him too violent, and Rock was afraid he might have to destroy him if Bass got too out of control. He clicked through the news channels, looking for anything. Something that might give him a lead to where Wily's new base was, and what he had planned for the blue bomber. He gazed lazily at the screen as he shurfed through it. CNN, Fox news, everything that was on at the moment. He was about to turn off the tv in defeat, but something caught his eye. A live action report downtown, where a new lady was broadcasting. "...I'll say that again, folks. Stay in doors! The city is beeing evacuted, as it seems a mysterious black robot of the evil mad man Dr' Wily has been tearing up downtown, screaming out a challenge. Let's get a close up on it." The camera turned upwards and zoomed in on a shadowy black armored figure, who was hurling a volley of plasma blasts down at cars and buildings. From it's orange winged helmet, and the purple markings on it's cheeks, you could see it was none other then Bass. Bass was screaming at the top of his lungs. " MEGAMAN, YOU COWARD!!! COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!!! I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE ON YOU OR THIS CITY IF YOU DECLINE. YOU HAVE 25 MINUTES TO GET HERE, OR I'LL KILL ANYONE THAT GET'S IN MY WAY!!!!" He screamed, and lifted up a parked car and threw it into the all ready broke up traffic. -Blip!- Rock turned off the television and ran upstairs to Dr. Lights room.

"Dr. Light! I've found Bass! He's-"
"I know, Mega. I just saw it on the news. If you don't get down there quick, the whole city will be in grave danger." Dr. Light cut him off shortly.

Rock nodded and transformed into his armor and was out the door. He ran down the streets, sliding once in awhile to make sharp turns and to dodge debris. He turned a corner and saw people running in the opposite direction, fleeing in a panic, as Bass shot a charged energy blast at them. Not wasting a second, Rock was in the the middle of the blast and the pedestrians, blocking the blast away with one of his own. It hit into the side of a store and made a small explosion, smoke covering the space inbetween Bass and Megaman.

"Forte! Listen to me! this is madness! You're wasting you're time in this mindless destruction! Let's talk this over!" He pleaded worriedly, not wanting to hurt bass or any other people.

"HA! Megman, do you think I'll jsut turn in to the likes of you? Not after calling me by my intimate name! I'll destroy you here and now!" He yelled as he charged down at Rock, sending a flying kick to the side of his head. Mega flipped over from the blow, but landed on his feet and blasted Bass back 200 yards onto the freeway. Rock jumped high and landed on the Semi truck that he knocked Bas onto. Bass flipped backwards, into a stadning position. He was flushed with anger for not being able to see that coming. Bass roared and charged at Rock, who met the oncoming attacker with a counter. rock rolled and stuck his feet up just at the right time to send bass flying over him, into the side of an SUV, smashing through the window. The car screeched to a halt and Rock jumped down to check on everything. He saw that the driver was a bit surprised, but ok. He looked inside the SUV and saw the Bass had been blown through the other side. Rock jumped through the open hole and saw that Bass had smashed head first into the concrete wall of the freeway.

"Ughn...." bass groaned, as he sat up, and his helmet cracked open, then crumbled of his head in pieces to the floor. Bass' long, purple hair flown down around his face. Rock rushed to Bass' side, concerned.

"Forte! Are you ok, man? I'm sorry!" he apologized.

" Don' me THAT!" Bass yelled, as he shot up in a tackle, sending him and Rock flying onto a nearby skyscraper. They landed with a -Cruksh!- on the top of the building, leaving to indents: one in the building, and one in the breastplate of Bass' armor. Rock, having landed on Bass, roled off and stood. Bas got up slowy and in pain, but his eyes still burned with a hatred.

"Grr...I' won't stop from just a small flesh wound! i'll kill you, Megaman." he threatened, comepletely out of energy.

'This is getting out of hand. If we keep this up, our stupid fighting will detroy the whole city.' Rock thought. 'I didn't want to do this, but he leaves me no choice.' Rock began powering up a charged blast, and Bass ran at him. Rock charged it up comepletly and fired point blank into the cest of Bass. Bass screamed in pain as he was blasted of the roof and fell into an alley. Megaman rushed down to the alley to check on Bass, and grimaced at the damage. Bass' chest armor was completly cracked and sparking with electricity.

"Aww...Forte, i'm sorry to do that to you, but you left me no choice. I'll have Dr. Light repair you and everything will be_ Wha...?"Rock said as something happened. Bass' chest armor crumbled off, piece by piece untill nothing but bare flesh was left on that region. Rock blushed at what he saw. Bass.....was a girl!?
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Postby Aulla » Wed Jul 14, 2004 8:53 pm

That sounds like my neighboorhood
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