The Formy of The Outside Assasins(dnd character backstory)

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The Formy of The Outside Assasins(dnd character backstory)

Postby Thomas_Salsbury » Mon Jun 07, 2004 11:27 am

The Forming of the Outside Assassins

The morrow broke into the new day, lighting the trees and the brush and critter’s dens. Bokuto Rio, the gnome bard of tomorrow, woke gently, well-rested and hungry for action, adventure, excitement, and food. He saved his trail rations for emergency and instead of the meat and potatoes his uncle packed for him in said rations, he settled for some russet apples, that he roasted over the fire he had made the night before. But, to his lack of knowledge, another smelled the food and wasn’t going to waste any time to ask for a lion’s share. His hunger had driven him stark mad, loopy as a loon, and reason was far from his thoughts. He ran towards the smell, and soon came upon a clearing in the woods were a gnome sat, getting ready to eat.

The oncoming warrior, who was named Dirken, drew his longsword, held it over his head, and shouted his battle cry. “OLIDAMMARA IS GOD!” This startled Bokuto, but every ready, he drew his own sword and parried the closing blow. A clang wrenched through the woods, echoing the started battle for stupid reasons.

Bokuto held his ground as the larger man pushed with his strength. “Why have you attacked me? No harm has come to thee from my hands?” he shouted at the attacker. Dirken paid no heed, and broke free of their struggle.

“I.NEED.EAT!!!!!!” he roared and bull rushed Bokuto, but the crafty gnome braced himself with his sword slanted up ways, counterattacking and blocking at the same time.

SNEENG! Went off the sound, as the more experienced gnome knocked Dirken to the ground. Bokuto leaned on his sword, tilting his head to the left. “If you were hungry, I would have shared with ye, friend. Eat as much as you can, just belay this attacking stuff.”

Reason seemed to come back to Dirken, and he uttered his thanks as he fell to the ground, unconscious from his long starving body.

Hours pass as Bokuto brought Dirken back to health. Long after their encounter, it was nightfall, and the moon’s rising was at hand. The two people sat around the fire, exchanging their stories and their names. The two quickly became best of friends and joined each other on their quests. They formed a group of mercenaries and called it the Outside Assassins.

And, two this point in time, they have been searching for jobs and adventure and most of all, a profit. They had many things in common and most of all in their search for fame and fortune. And this is as far as things go ‘till now.
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