The Rules (Some updates please RE-READ)

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The Rules (Some updates please RE-READ)

Postby Kaos » Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:10 am

O_O Kaos has rules..^^ yes i do, and here they are.

1: Contructive crits please. I don't want any comments like "That completely sucks." or "I don't like it." If you dislike something posted, please include your reasons for it. If not, then keep your comments too yourself.

2: This is spam. Slight off topic posts are pushing it just a little, but it's bound to happen. But if the thread begins as commenting on a picture and ends up with making a banner for someone..that's spam. PLEASE keep it at a MINIMUM.

3: NO HENTAI/PORN/or things rated M/R please keep works PG-13 or at a level at which you can show your little kid sister (sibling, either or).

4: Please, only post original works (fanart/fics is accepted) that you created. Ripping from other people's stuff is not appreciated. The only exception is if that person gives permission for you to post it due to certain circumstances.

5: I don't want any boasting about how good someone is compared to another person. It's alright if someone comments on how good a person is, and how someone can improve by observing this person, but nothing like "--- is way better than you," etc. (this can be overlooked in good humor :thumbs: )

6: Anything offensive to another person/race/gender etc. is not allowed. Humourous is alright, but anything explicit is automatically being deleted.

7: Please please please, try to NOT double post...edit it if anything. I will accept the double post when posting mutliple pictures one after the other..but this rule stands...edit if you want to add something after you just posted :roll:

8: No repetitive replies to threads please. (i.e., good job :thumbs:) If there is a thread posted, please explain why you think it's a "good job :thumbs:" One and two words redundant replies are annoying and it doesn't help the thread starter at all.

9: Concerning the recent abundance of Comics. Comics get automatic sticky, but if i see that the last post was more than 1 month and a half ago, it's getting unstickied ;) Problems with this can be discussed via PM with either me or an Admin.

10: New Rules might be added if i find the need to do so ^__^

Post lots of work, obey the rules, and keep my forum alive! Much thanks :thumbs:

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