The longest poem you'll never read.

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The longest poem you'll never read.

Postby Cait_Sith » Thu Feb 12, 2004 3:17 am

Aspects of Humanity:
Aspect 000: Completion: The sum of all aspects.
We seek to make ourselves whole,
But to fulfill this eternal wish,
We must first master all aspects of ourselves.

Aspect 001: Pure Emotion: Creation of the ultimate human power.
This twined named force,
Called both love and hate,
We must embrace its deadly force.

Aspect 002: Evolution: The growth of changes.
In order to fill ourselves,
We must change in our growth,
And surpass what we were.

Aspect 003: Opposition: The grinding of forces.
So that we understand ourselves,
There must be clashing,
To define our mental borders.

Aspect 004: Weapon: The power to destroy.
We wish to kill everything,
But not by our own hands,
Hence we use another in our stead.

Aspect 005: Birth: The power to create.
We want to let other bask,
In the sun filled sky we find truth,
And therefore we seek to create.

Aspect 006: Death: The disappearance of creation.
Death does not mark an end to life,
It shows the vanishing of one thing,
To allow another to blossom.

Aspect 007: Enigma: The oddities of existence.
We do not ask why things are so,
But we known they are so,
Hence we are trapped in riddles.

Aspect 008: Mystery: The existence of unknown.
There are things we cannot comprehend,
But we struggle to do so,
It binds us to wishful thinking.
Aspect 009: Womb: The shield of life.
Before life grows its protected,
This shield forms the basis for reality,
And can bring to bloom a flower.

Aspect 010: Complexity: The twisting of reality.
We turn the way we see,
In order that we may not see at all,
But the light still manages to blind.

Aspect 011: Reality: The distortion of existence.
To exist is to be real,
To be real is to be in a reality,
So do we exist at all?

Aspect 012: Divinity: The aspect of power.
To have power is to be divine,
But to be divine power becomes evil,
Therefore divinity is destruction.

Aspect 013: Deception: The mirror of realities.
Seeing what we really are,
We are deceived into thinking,
That we are being lied to.

Aspect 014: Peace: The illusion of sanctuary.
We want to defend ourselves,
But every time we try we cause hurt,
So abandonment is the only path.

Aspect 015: Sanctuary: The lost peace.
If we want to hide,
And seek out places of solitude,
That is truly no defense?

Aspect 016: Solitude: The joy of loneliness.
We want to be with others,
But others are not us,
So we are happy with ourselves.

Aspect 017: Abandonment: The emptying of time.
We don't want to give what we don't need,
The weight drags us down,
Do we abandon it with great pain.

Aspect 018: Life: The soul forge.
We want to find meaning,
But we look in ourselves,
To find what only the living know.

Aspect 019: Soul: The light of air.
When our bodies fail,
We float on the air,
So why must one wait?

Aspect 020: Fear: The shield of pain.
We defend ourselves from pain,
But we limit ourselves,
So we must have a better way.

Aspect 021: Pain: The power of life.
To guard life we hurt,
But in hurts we suffer,
So saving is suffering.

Aspect 022: Desperation: The final act.
We press onwards,
But to no success we have,
So we pursue a last option.

Aspect 023: Hope: The uplifting wings.
We dance amongst clouds,
But we do not fear falling,
For wings carry us back up.

Aspect 024: Happiness: The flooding gates.
We open doors to doom,
But find the waters of change,
And embrace the new born sun.

Aspect 025: Smile: The breath of wind.
We spread and shift our faces,
To make an ill at ease sight,
But we do it for happiness.

Aspect 026: Sacrifice: The loss of giving.
We must give to take,
Or is it take to give,
Either way is can free the soul.

Aspect 027: Existence: The false reality.
To be real we must be in all realities,
But since not all people know us,
Are we actually here?

Aspect 028: Doom: The end of beginnings.
Total loss is never total,
For new things always come,
Then at once they won't.

Aspect 029: Wing: The flight of dreams.
To escape what we know,
We take ourselves to place,
Where knowledge is obsolete.

Aspect 030: Dream: The truth of falsehoods.
We fear now,
So rushing to later is suspended,
When all mirrors turn to the moon.

Aspect 031: Moon: The quiet light.
A gentle glow can guide,
Whereas a cold one can chill,
But one source they bear.

Aspect 032: Sun: The burning strength.
A fiery power to reveal all shadows,
Another to scorn the industrious worker,
But they fall from one eye.

Aspect 033: War: The blood of many.
Violence breeds itself,
For mass destruction breeds mass greatness,
And we smile are our own misdeeds.

Aspect 034: Blood: The river of life.
If we shed dark rain,
And bring ourselves to failure,
Then we will need what is ours.

Aspect 035: River: The moving of time.
As things pass we live,
As we die things pass,
All is in constant motion.

Aspect 036: Tree: The voice of life.
From roots we grow,
From leaves we bloom,
We are cursed to move.

Aspect 037: Wind: The fool's errand.
It harbors destruction,
It pushes to the limit,
Standing only results in death.

Aspect 038: Fire: The nurturing murderer.
We die by heat,
We are born by heat,
Our lives to it we bind.

Aspect 039: Destruction: The agent of change.
We sorrow over loss,
We do not comprehend why,
Yet we always need it anyway.

Aspect 040: Change: The challenge of absolutism.
We shift like movement,
Traveling toward anarchy,
But without responsibility.

Aspect 041: Absolutism: The judgment of one.
We give ourselves wholly to one,
But that one we hate for having us wholly,
Which means we hate ourselves.

Aspect 042: Anarchy: The absolute freedom.
The wishy-washy choices,
The unabsolute control,
The binding freedoms.

Aspect 043: Necessity: The driving force.
The compelling will,
The hammer that never stops,
We are yet to challenge.

Aspect 044: Force: The agent of movement.
To go left or right,
Choices we have but not make,
We shall endeavor forward.

Aspect 045: Surprise: The unexpected windfall.
We are scared by things of nowhere,
We do not look into them,
Shall we ever see their value?

Aspect 046: Fortune: The shifting wheel.
The aspect of differences,
The austere world harms us,
Can we go on blaming life?

Aspect 047: Wheel: The force of constant motion.
We are bounced like pucks on ice,
Forever trapped in the eye of a tornado,
Going both ways we can stop.

Aspect 048: Turn: The changing of directions.
From Nordi to Vestri,
We shift like water,
Now capture the suns rays.

Aspect 049: Hair: The expression on individuality.
Flowing lock of humans,
Move the silky and iron,
We seek to capture ourselves.

Aspect 050: Heart: The bearer of gehirn.
The source of life,
It lacks self,
But we still improve to live.

Aspect 051: Mind: The seat of seele.
Closer to self,
Our borders are not defined,
This is the master of life we need.

Aspect 052: Self: The existence of one.
The many shards of one glass,
They still are one of many,
We must pull ourselves together.

Aspect 053: Mirror: The reaction to action.
We goes around must return unto us,
The judgment that is not right or wrong,
The must surrender in order to advance.

Aspect 054: Final: The culmination of things.
The end of the last,
That which starts must conclude,
The goal is to be prepared for that.

Aspect 055: Phoenix: The rebirth of life.
The sensation creates pain,
So that the twins of life and death,
We shall need to embrace.

Aspect 056: Enemy: The opposition of self.
When one appears against you,
You assume them to be enemy,
One must separate that from truth.

Aspect 057: Twin: The apposition of self.
Two forms of one,
Even if there are one there is still two,
We must cease looking in the mirror.

Aspect 058: Traitor: The yearning of freedom.
One finds their existence seems false,
They change themselves and so,
We must seek the balance of freedom.

Aspect 059: Betrayal: The changing of truths.
When one phase yields to another,
The changing is an insult to the those behind,
That is the essence of humanity.

Aspect 060: Gods: The masters of absent destiny.
When humans seek to place blame,
Or to accept praise from,
We must break the habit of random others.

Aspect 61: Future: The presence of what will be.
To control what will be,
To decide our future selves,
We need to master the present.

Aspect 062: Speed: The art of many places.
To be here and there we move fast,
Like lightning we move with thought,
So like molasses we must slow.

Aspect 063: Annoyance: The unending warrior.
The fighter that will not die,
The blade that will not break,
Simply we must pacify.

Aspect 064: Fighter: The force of violence.
The cutting sword of the master,
That whom kills for glory,
That is what we must fear.

Aspect 065: Violence: The needless bloodshed.
To kill for fun and color,
So we can let the buildings be repainted red,
That is the tainted aspect that must be refocused.

Aspect 066: Inturigue: The many faces.
The faces of heartless people,
Betray their inner selves,
Seek to master truth we must.
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Postby Wolfie » Thu Feb 12, 2004 3:35 am

hehe as i said befor i love it
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Postby ChatOmbre » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:03 am

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Postby Rao » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:12 am

Ahh, yes. I am familar with this type of peom. I believe i can match this in lenth and wit.
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Postby OmegaFrost » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:18 am

Aspects of humanity? Really need the list be taht long? People arent that complicated. I shall show you my list of aspects of humanity: Stupidity, greed, superficial...... Thats it, really, nothing to see here folks please just keep moving along.

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Postby Murphy » Thu Feb 12, 2004 10:37 am

is there a special name for this kind of poem?
its nice ^^ i like it :)
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