Wierd class assignment....><;

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Wierd class assignment....><;

Postby Calintz » Tue Feb 10, 2004 3:19 pm

This I had due for a Creative Writing Class assignment...we had to write about something that was considered disgusting or heinous as beautiful...><;

The Bottle

The Bottle stands there, the sunlight gleaming off its dark brown exterior, casting small shadows upon the worktable. The label, faded from its years of storage, now only gave the expiration date of the cool liquid: 12/19. It was just the 21rst, two days afterwards, but I could not resist the urge of need, the urge to taste the cool liquid inside. The urge was maddening, and overrode all rational thought. I found myself torn away from my daily tasks, unable to relinquish my constant thoughts about it.

I had to wait almost an hour after closing time before I got my chance to satisfy the dying urge. I swiped the dark bottle from its place in the corner of the worktable, and carried it swishing blackness to the back room. Without haste, I twisted the cap off of the bottle, tossing it aside, hearing its dull clinking as it bounced off of the supplies in the room. I stared into the dark bottle, being able to my reflection in the dark black liquid. I could see the desire reflected in my eyes, the need for the taste. Throwing caution to the winds, I raised the bottle to my dry, quivering lips and drank. Drank the thick, sour, liquid. Drank it all… down it went, coating my insides, warming me up. It was such an upbeat feeling, to satisfy a long growing desire. I drained the 1rst bottle and searched for another. When I found another, I repeated the same process, each time enjoying the thickness of the liquid, the smell that reminded you of gasoline, and the color that reminded you of the black of night. My stomach heaved as the second tasting came to an end, but I still persisted, savoring every tiny, miniscule droplet the bottle had to offer me. It was my equal at this time, the one I had always been searching for. I closed my eyes, the aftertaste of the motor oil still fresh in my mouth. I licked my lips, cleaning it off of myself. I sat down upon an upturned bucket, draining my 3rd bottle, much like a drunk would an ordinary bottle of beer. The smell of the oil clung to me like a warm blanket, which drove my needing desire even more.

I had to leave later on, but my experience will never ever be forgotten. I loved every second if my time with those bottles, and I plan to visit that feeling, that taste, once again. I have to work at that Auto-Body shop each week, so my supply of my need and other will always be on hand.

An experience by: Rickard Jenkings…(made up this person..XD)
"L'amore è la nostra emozione più conservata. Sentirlo, saperlo, sperimentarlo. Lei non lo rammaricherà mai."

"Love is our most cherished emotion. Feel it, know it, experience it. You will never regret it."
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