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Q: What is FIM?
A: FIM (Frost Jedi's Instant Messenger) is a IM or instant messaging program that allow you to communicate with other online - live.

Q: How did you make it?
A By using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 or VB.

Q: Is it open source?
A: No.

Q: Where can I download FIM?
A: http://www.frostjedi.com/~drazo/fim/setup.exe

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Internet connection at almost any speed, a computer that actually works, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. I'm still verifying on Windows 98 ATM. If you get it to work on a different OS the please tell me ASAP with your computer details.

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: Not at all.

Q: Are my conversations private?
A: Yes. IM convos are between you and your opponent.

Q: How secure is it?
A: Depends. Passwords are encoded in my own method so to work out the entire decoding system will take you hundreds of thousands of attempts. The server is behind a router so direct hacking will be almost impossible, or any hacking for that matter. The program itself isn't as secure as other professional IMs but it does hold some 'impossible-to-destroy-or-control' methods which will make it impossible for hackers to gain control of the server. The worse they can do is crash it which will only require me to restart it.

Q: How does the server work?
A: The server is just another application running on my second computer and is no bigger than FIM client itself. It just sits there 'listening' to a specific port for any incoming connections. If it picks one that it recognises it runs it through a series of procedures and when it finds a match it runs the code as instructed reading any additional data supplied depending on the command. The database (Microsoft Access (.mdb)), which stores all the data such as your accounts and sessions, is on the serving computer as well where only the server app has access.

Q: Can you write a IM for me?
A: No, chances are I'm either too busy or I have better things to do. There may be, however, a open source IM 'engine' for ease of IM creation later though.

Q: Can it have an integration with other IMs?
A: No. There are several reasons for this.

Q: Can I be admin (a FIM administrator)?
A: Unless you already work for the FJ or someone who I could really trust, no.

Q: How come sometimes it can't connect?
A: Usually (but not always) the server gets shut off before I go to sleep if no one is on and no one has been on within the last several hours. Sometimes it may be because I'm resetting the router, updating the server app or fixing or upgrading the server computer itself.
If it persists you might want to check your firewall settings or your internet connection. If you get a different error saying something like 'unrecognisable packet', 'check updated' etc then you'll need to get the latest update.
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