A Disturbing Discovery

A Disturbing Discovery

Postby Rao » Wed Oct 27, 2004 1:35 am

Ritsu went through the belongings of his father, Rao. Swords and armor he had won, trophys, pictures of friends. He went over documents that came from the Sanctuary. After many a hours going over his belongings, he came across a black book. He opened and realized it was his fathers journals. He scanned through pages, many pages. His father loved to write he soon discovered. He read the last page out loud.

His body, which hung upon the wall is gone. To where I am not sure. For days I have searched trying to find it, but I have been unsuccessful in my searches. I beleive only one thing now... Degamra lives!

Ritus closed the book in disbelief and immediatly set out his emissaries to all the large the kingdoms to notify of this fugitive.
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