In the tavern of Cirith

In the tavern of Cirith

Postby Tar-Herunole » Thu Apr 22, 2004 6:37 pm

The tavern on Cirith was full of drunken orc warlords. They were singing songs of celebration and destruction and boasting about their victory.

In a table by the window remained four people in dark capes and hoods. An orc warlord approached them:
“You don’t drink with us? Are you jealous this time there was no place for you drows in the glory? You thought we could do anything without you?”
The smaller one of the four replied quickly: “Lord Rao would not be please to see that you seek quarrel among his troops, so keep the edge of your attacks for the battles and away from this tavern. And if this is what you want, we would have no problem to drink with you, for the deaths that are soon to come”
Another orc hold the arm of the first and said: “That will definitely do” and then turning to his friend added “Leave these dark people, you know those of their kind are humorless and boring” and then muttered “and extremely dangerous, remember what happened to Boguat”

In another place of the tavern, another group boasted near the bar.

“Haha, bring me more ale and I will pay you later… I am sure Lord Rao will reward me the most. Once that tyrant of Borak was dead, I was named general of the army for the power I showed in the battle!” said the Orc they named Rodaj.
“Reward you the most? You were named captain at the end of the battle, because all the fighting was done, and there was only talking left to do. All the real fighters were killed by that beast Reven, and you were the only officer coward enough not to face him. And who killed Reven? It was me, my friends, I shoot the arrow that brough him to his end. I will be rewarded the most! said another warlord called Wobren.

In that moment, a younger orc approached Wobren “Sir, I could not stop listening, and I heard you are the famous Wobren, captain of the archers and slayer of Reven”
“That is the truth young boy, do you want to join the Archers?”
“ No, Sir, I just wanted to bring you a token of my appreciation for your famous deeds” And then quicker than a cobra, the young orc produced a dagger in a lethal and precise combination of moves cut the throat of Wobren to immediately pierce his heart. Then he quickly turned to the exit.
After the first moments of surprise and undecission, the Captain Rodaj produced his sword and shouted:
"Take him!" But those were his last words as an arrow crossed his throat before he could even finish the sentence.
Another warlord tried to get a grip on the running boy, but another arrow made him lost his sight and in the same instant his brain…
The attention turned from the running boy to the table where the now three hooded figures stood. Two of them were on top of the table with their bows spitting arrows. And the third one, the tallest one, stood on the floor with both hands in a longsword that glowed with menacing magic.

The orc warlords were furious. About 200 of them were in the tavern, although already 20 lied slain by the arrows. Nonetheless the dark figures seemed to stand no chance as they were heavily outnumbered. The taller one shouted:
“Leave the closest for me” and the two archers on the table did as he said. Now they stood in the table surrounded by 10 enormous and furious warlords. The tall figure shouted: "Ah Ancalima, plutaniorand from the glowing sword, like tiny lightning, 60 electrical charges were produced and attacked the closest 60 warlords. The warlords writhed with their nervous systems unable to move while the blue light sparks kept on linking them to the sword. For almost a whole minute they twisted until they fall to the ground calcinated. By that time, another 60 arrows had showed the way to hell to an orc warlord.

Only 60 of the original orc warlords were left but some 30 more, having heard the fight had joined them from outside. Nonetheless, the trio had found their rhythm and seeem to be enjoying, while the archers brought hell to the middle distance, the swordman that stood on the ground started to dance and made his shining blade dance ending the lives of those closer to him.

But the unexpected happened. From the window behind the table, an orc explorer had stealthily entered and approached the unaware archers by their backs. Just in the moment when he was going to stab them, a flying dagger coming from outside the window end his surreptitious attempt. The young orc showed his face through the window and shouted
"Time to go!"

As he said that a bell started ringing in Cirith and armed guards started coming to the tavern. Only 10 warlords were left in the tavern covered behind tables from the arrows. The three hooded attackers sneak out through the window. The guards spotted them and run to the window.

However, suddenly there was an explosion of light and smoke that blinded them, and when they could see again they only saw the four men in dark hoods riding out through the closing gates of the cities.
“The archers!, kill them!” shout one of the guards. But most of the archers lied with his captain dead in the tavern…

Groups of riders exited thecity and searched the dark enemies through Ossilgath, but it seemed as if they had disapeared leaving no trace
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Postby Rao » Thu Apr 22, 2004 10:41 pm

Degamra entered the tavern, "Interesting" He thought. He pulled an arrow out of a dead orc, Degamra shook his head, a smile coming to his face. "Erelen, you want to play these games? Very well." Degamra said as he left silently out of the city and out of Ossilgath..
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