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Trevet was ahving the same dream as before. He was in a long hallway, at one end was a searing light, and at the other was terrible darkness. In between there was a mirror, when trevet looked at it he saw himself his skin was drawn touht and he was pale, his eye sockets were empty but for a deep red glow. Then he saw it, the light and darkness were moving together into teh center of the room the were going to hit each other! They were going to destroy Trevet between themselves! Trevet saw the mirror, and before he knew what he was diong he jumped through.

The next thing he knew he was awake int he middle of the filed where he had been killed, it was night but Trevet could still see perfectly. He got up and looked around, something didnt feel right, Trevet didnt feel tired at all so he began to walk away, towards Kahadrim and the coming battle. Behind him he left foot prints where the grass had died under his feet, he could barley hear the call of a dark and mysterious voice, something that seemed to give Trevet comfort as he looked at his mace, and felt as if it looked back.

OOC: i doubt anyone will notice me so I'm probably going to appear later probably in Khadrim.

EDIT: Actually now taht I think about it I'm jut gonna go back to Khadrim this whole thread was probably pointless.

Daleks from another dimension!

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