The Street

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The Street

Postby Rao » Thu Jul 29, 2004 9:03 pm

My city's still breathing but barely it's true
through buildings gone missing like teeth,
The sidewalks are watching me think about you,
all sparkled with broken glass,
I'm back with scars to show,
Back with the streets I know,
They never take me anywhere but here,

Those stains in the carpet, this drink in my hand,
these strangers whose faces I know,
We meet here for our dress-rehearsal to say " I wanted it this way"
and wait for the year to drown,
Spring forward, fall back down,
I'm trying not to wonder where you are,

All this time lingers, undefined.
Someone choose
who's left and who's leaving.

Memory will rust and erode into lists of all that you gave me:
a blanket, some matches, this pain in my chest,
the best parts of Lonely,
duct-tape and sodered wires,
new words for old desires,
and every birthday card I threw away,

I wait in 4/4 time,
Count yellow highway lines,
that you're relying on to lead you home,
Tell the Spartans, Stranger passing by,
That here, Obedient to their laws, We lie,
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Postby TerraFrost » Thu Sep 16, 2004 5:53 am

This is a song by the The Weakerthans called "Left and Leaving", as evidenced here: ... cs-The-Wea kerthans/0233C0CF808C113948256C5A00105CE0
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