Log IP Address on Registration - Help UPDATE!

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Log IP Address on Registration - Help UPDATE!

Postby JMaclean » Sun Dec 09, 2007 3:57 am

I am having a problem understanding this mod.

Please explain the following part of this mod (and how to do it);

#-----[ SQL ]-------------------------------------------
ALTER TABLE phpbb_users ADD user_regip CHAR(8) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

I am assuming that the mysql database must be messed with, which is something that I have never attempted before. My webhost does supply a CPanel with utilities for screwing with the database but never having done it, I need some direction!!

Is there someone in CONUS that has this mode working and would consider a phone call regarding this? I can call toll free anytime you are available. If so, please PM or email me.

UPDATE: In as much as I am not allowed to delete this, help is not needed! Thanks anyway!
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