easymod problems

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easymod problems

Postby dandandan » Wed Feb 15, 2006 1:27 pm

i have a phpbb forum with the latest version updates... i have used easymod before, and have a few issues with old MODS..

anyway for some reason ,, well this reason::>>
Critical Error

FIND FAILED: In file [language/lang_english/lang_main.php] could not find:

// That's all Folks!

MOD script line #207 :: FAQ :: Report

CRITICAL ERROR: Could not modify [language/lang_eng

I cant install any MODS via EASYMOD now..
can anyone help me work out why I keep getting this criical error message whenver I try install a MOD via easyMOD???

any help with be very much appreciated!!

i have checked and that file 'language/lang_english/lang_main.php' does indeed exist, but for some reason it cant be edited....

any ideas

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Postby Drazo » Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:19 am

As good as easyMOD is, it's main problem lies with it's accuracy. Of corse common sense tells you that you can add the lines near the bottom anyway (although it can go anywhere in the language file) where "// That's all Folks!" was. :)

Also for EM not being able to edit the file....sounds like somehow you or it has changed the permissions....
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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:05 am

EasyMOD can probably edit the files just fine. Like the posted error says, though, there's a line that can't be found. The "That's all Folks!" line. And EasyMOD would be right.

Here are the last few lines from lang_main.php:

Code: Select all
// That's all, Folks!
// -------------------------------------------------


...and from lang_admin.php:

Code: Select all
// That's all Folks!
// -------------------------------------------------


Note how lang_main.php has a comma while lang_admin.php doesn't. Now, note how the code that can't be found in lang_main.php is missing a comma.

As good as easyMOD is, it's main problem lies with it's accuracy.

EasyMOD is actually quite accurate. I've used it to install hundreds of MODs for the purposes of validating them (I'm not exagerating, either). The thing is - it follows instructions to the letter. If someone's MOD has badly written instructions (as the one that dandandan is attempting to install) or has had their board sufficiently modified such that these instructions no longer apply, then EasyMOD might fail, but then again, so to would someone who had no knowledge of PHP as they wouldn't know what workarounds could be done to fix the problem (knowledge of PHP isn't a requisite for installing MODs by hand).
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