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~These are the playable races in the world. If the race is not in this post, you cannot play it. If you want something added, give me a pm.

Human- Humans are the most numberous race in Dereth at this current time. Though many are divided by kingdoms, they are intelligent and are always on the move in technology. Their appearance differs in many ways. The Humans have much hold over the western part of the world. There are two human Kingdoms, Lythelthorpe and Rodarei. Both renown for their calvary and archery.

Elves- Tall, slender beings with great wisdom and are formatible warriors as well. Though, most elves have left the world bound for the embrace of Innos, some still play roles in the coming trials.

Wild Orcs- They live among the Wilderlands. Hated by most beings, they are large, dark skinned warriors with some intelligence. Their are many separate clans among them. All viaing for power in Wilderland.

Gogath Orcs/Rats- Small, dark skinned. very dim witted orcs. Though they are numberous, they are too stupid to plan things on there own. They almost always have a strong, smart leader in control of them. They mostly reside in an Ancient Dwarf fortress, now renamed Gogath.

Native- A dark skinned human race, but are separated by their speed on foot. They are called natives because of their knowledge of this land. Their main residence is in Qalaba'r, which is the trading center of the world for the free kingdoms of men. Badgers, Wolverines, Pirates, and all other different beings go there to enjoy the massive city. It is neutral and should there be any type of disturbance, punishment is swift and just.

Furion- They are the most skilled warriors and the fiercest the world has ever seen. They are the ones who created the Keyword, a comm system that allows them to relay messages in seconds to their allies. They are normally, tall and well built with shaved heads and many tattooes covering their bodies. They rule the most technologically advanced city, Furia. The main palace, built for the Warlord of Furia, Rao Warblade. Named after the great hero who lived over 50 thousand years before him.

Badgers/Wolverines- The evolution of these creatures has lead them to become the most powerful walking beings. They have the abiltity to run on all four limbs. Though their front paws have formed into arms. Wolverines normally are around 12 feet tall with brown fur and massive in girth. Badgers are smaller, but much more intelligent. Yes, they still have the strip down their heads as well. They dwell in the Ironclaw Fortress, under the rule of Badger King. Ironclaw.

Dark Elves- Same as their counterparts, but their skin is darker and they are aligned with the Gogath orcs. They reside in the forests of Dereth, in many parts. Hasseling merchants and all beings passing through them. They are also aligned with some of the Wild Orc clans.

Forest Troll- Forest trolls are a race of tall although often crouching, lanky humanoids. Forest trolls are a dark shade of green, with boar-like tusks sticking out of the lower part of their jaws. Most forest trolls sport a natural mohawk in every color imaginable. While some trolls appear well muscled, some others appear quite lithe; all breeds are tall and standing approximately 9.0 feet in height.

The forest trolls are generally accepted to be a primitive, savage race. These practitioners of dark mysticism, superstition, and voodoo are, upon closer inspection, much more complex. The forest trolls are one of the most ancient races, though the state of present day trolls gives little indication to their complex and compelling history. The trolls are renowned for their incredible racial ability to regenerate from wounds. Forest trolls can even regrow severed limbs. They are agile, cunning and completely ruthless when it comes to hunting prey (whether it be animal or person). It would be a grave mistake to cross a troll on a whim, thinking them to be primitive and stupid.
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