Return of an old Spirit God

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Return of an old Spirit God

Postby Drazo » Fri Feb 18, 2005 3:29 pm

RP settings:

Date (in UK format - just swap the dd/mm around if you are in the US): 5/10/17 (2017 AD)
Initial Scene: Northern hemisphere far north in an uncharted snowy land in the middle of no where
Character addition: Open to all at all times but limited to no more than 15 heroes and no more than 100 NPCs.

My character:

Name: Leno
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Cyborg (former human, 30% human 70% machine)
Height: 173.8713092 cm (info kindly distributed by Leno himelf)
Weight: (whatever weight though slightly heavier for his height since he's a cyborg)
Weapon: Gun/explosives/other
Initial Level: 6
Initial Stats:

Max HP: 430 / 99999
Max MP: 5 / 999
Speed: 50 / 255
Attack: 55 / 255
Defence: 57 / 255
Intelligence: 60 / 255
Max AP: 850 / 999 *

* = AP is Anger Points. Every time you get hit your AP increases slightly but once it reaches the maximum you go into hyper mode which makes you 2 x faster and 2 x the attack. The bigger the Max AP the longer it'll take for you to reach hyper mode. As you get stronger your Max AP will decrease making it easier to reach hyper mode thus making you effectively stronger. Leno, being a cyborg (part human part machine) doesn't get very angry and so unfortunately has a large Max AP.

History info: Was once a high class soldier until an accident at work occurred leaving him nearly dead. His long term friend, Professor Argot who was a technology genius and a team of scientists and electronic professionals decided to operate on him by integrating what was left of him (healthy flesh) with extremely advance machinery. This made him cyborg and gave him many new abilities making him technically 'super human'. Despite this, his ability in magic is extremely poor and has lost most of his human emotions. He contains nano-robot technology and can process several terabytes of data in one whole second.


The beginning.

*Walking slowly but steadily towards a small town in a snowstorm*

Despite the tense wind and the freezing temperatures he remained calm as he approached the town.

Leno: "What is this? I do not recognise this town nor is it marked on the map."
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Postby Dracofrost » Sun Feb 20, 2005 5:49 am

Name: Feuyaino Morno/ Jules Olivet
Gender: hermaphrodite/ Male
Age: unknown/ 22
Species: purasitus/ human
Height: variable/5'6"
Weight: 4 lbs./157 lbs.
Weapon: minor genomancy and telepathy/ cars, chemicals, occasionally blow torchs and arc welders.
Initial Level: (I don't really know how levels apply within this system)
Initial Stats:

Max HP: 64-42 / 99999
Max MP: 27-11 / 999
Speed: 10-21 / 255
Attack: 11-23 / 255
Defence: 32-19 / 255
Intelligence: 82-71 / 255
Max AP: 500-500 / 999

History Info: Feuyaino was just your average intersteller mind controlling parasite with a mysterious and undoubtably long past, having seen through different sets of eyes the sunlight of Sirus, Tau Ceti, and Alpha Centari A, not to mention many other stars. However, as any self respecting Purasitus, Feuyaino must move on whenever their host bodies become too weak.

So it was that Feuyaino's small craft crashlanded somewhere in switzerland, and was first found by a third generation french immigrant, Jules Olivet. Jules, being curious and actually a bit of a mad scientist as well, was intriuged by the wreckage, and didn't run away when the aged and decrepit alien crawled out, hissing a strange language through all three of it's mouths. Nor did he run away when something detached from it's posterior carapace, what looked like a long worm. And he couldn't do much at all when the old but still powerful critter held him in place with it's claws as the invertabrate blob crawled onto his back and stuck various tubes into his arteries and spinal cord, expelling blue alien blood as it readjusted to human plasma.

Jules was thankful from this point that he had read a lot of science fiction. With the held of his own home built furnace, under the direction of the thing thinking directly into his mind, this Feuyaino, he disposed of the alien corpse and more important wreckage, leaving the rest for the government and UFO nuts. Then, this geeky builder of things dropped out of college, sold most of his unimportant things, bought a van and a trailer, piled it full of useful things like computers, arcwelders, mini refractor furnaces, chemical supplies, a vandegraff generator, and other intruiging bits and thingies. And went on a tour, which has brought him here...


A rather blank white van rolled along the road. It was visible only in the snowstorm by the lights and tinted windows, and pulled it's cheap trailer that looked like it had been scrounged out of a junkyard along behind. The tires of the trailer squeeked loudly, but could hardly be heard over the howling of the wind as it approached the lone figure walking also toward the town.

One of the windows rolled down as the van slowed further to a walking speed, grinding a bit before sliding into first. A man stuck his head out the window, wild spiked reddish brown hair fluttering in the wind, his eyes hidden behind what looked like welder's goggles.

"Hey, need a lift?"
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Postby theprophet123 » Sun Feb 20, 2005 6:13 am

OOC: I would like to try playing this but currently have no idea how any of it works. So could you please give some basic rules?
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Postby Drazo » Sun Feb 20, 2005 12:42 pm

OOC: If you're joining the RP as a hero/playable character you'll need to specify neccisary info about your character as shown in mine and Draco's post. If you're just joining in to say something (such as a Non-playable character) then you don't need to specify age, height, weight unless it's in the character description and you don't need to specify the stats or any other battle related info.
Also no God modding is allowed so you can't control other characters such as how they react or that they died or whatnot. You can say what you do, but not what others do.

I suggest you use a short (but not too short) line of hythons to seperate your stats and info from your RP. This is better then sticking 'OOC:' in front of every line of stats and info or OOC with many lines like this.


Leno: "No thank you. I am quite able to walk further."
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Postby Dracofrost » Wed Feb 23, 2005 3:20 am

"Very well, suit yourself," the man in the van said to himself as much as Leno, cackling a bit as he rolled up the window and rolled off. The trailer bounced a little in the road, and lots of banging metal could be heard inside, like some mad chef's collection of pots and pans were hidden away inside.
Strange he seemed, said the voice, whispering into his mind.
"Oh, not strange at all... not as much as us, you and me, dear friend, you and me."
True... we are not common here.
"Nope, definately not, I'd say."
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Postby Drazo » Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:00 am

Leno continues walking toward the lonely looking town.

His eyes could pick up infer-red for heat signatures but saw very little emmitting from the town.
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Postby AustrailianAPE » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:37 am

My Character
Name: Dan "Aboriginal Snowman" Jones
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: HUMAN?!?!?
Height: unknown
Weapon: GIANT BOOMERANG, a hunting yo-yo, and his bare hands
Initial Level: 7
Initial Stats:

Max HP: 550 / 99999
Max MP: 10 / 999
Speed: 35 / 255
Attack: 90 / 255
Defence: 58 / 255
Intelligence: 25 / 255
Max AP: 25 / 999

History: While being raised by the natives of australia, he noticed that he had long white hair and was therefore different then all the rest. He decided to steal their weapons and take the next flight out to the north. Unfortunatly for dan, he got mad at the pilot and killed him over some snowy region and his plane crashed there.... he was the only survivor....
* the Aboriginal Snowman started by looking for a restaraunt to eat. Days went by and he finally found a steak and shake so he decided to order onion rings. He looked outside to see a cyborg at the front of the town*

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Postby Megafrost » Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:47 pm

OOC: I hate to break this to you, but the last post was over a year ago. Nobody is going to be roleplaying in this thread.
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