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Megaman Melee

Postby Icegaze » Tue Sep 09, 2003 4:36 pm

This isn't really an RP, but I feel it appropriate to post it here.

Okay, so now you and a friend can battle eachother as Megaman characters. I will be the judge and decide the winner. Gamecube edition is up right now so you can battle as Kirby! Check my comic thread for more updates. Locked characters can only be obtained by battling me.

Characters (all characters can punch, kick etc.):

Megaman- blaster, Rush upgrade available

Protoman- blaster, shield

Bass- blaster, power kick, Treble upgrade available

Roll- blaster, Rush upgrade available, Beat upgrade available

Auto- blaster, armor

X- blaster, power sword

Zero- blaster, power sword

Roll EXE- magic, blast

Protoman EXE- power sword, power shield

Locked- Upgrade Kit- Beat, Rush, Treble

Locked- Dr. Cain- can summon X and Zero

Locked- Dr. Wily- hover chair, destrustion vehicle, can summon Bass, Treble upgrade available

Locked- Dr. Light- can summon Megaman, Protoman, Auto, and Roll, Rush, and Beat upgrades available

Locked- Classic Megaman- powers of Megaman and robot masters from the first game

Locked- Megaman EXE- blaster, cannon, bazooka, power sword, BFG, power fist, bow and arrow, tornado, volcano, shield, lava fist

Locked- Kirby- gains abilities of characters after swallowing them
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