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Postby OmegaFrost » Wed Jul 16, 2003 6:43 am

Name: Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander (Glorious Gift The Third Greatest One who is Freed, is a rought translation for the names from greek, can also be called html)
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 113
Equipment: Alien computer
Bio: H.T.M.L's ancestors were scientists working in area 51 before the destruction that Sabaoth rained down. Before the destruction his ancestors stole one of the items they were working on... an alien computer. The computer has since recorded everything for some time before and ever since Sabaoth's rise of power. now the current owner of this device is Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander. Because of the computer Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander has a very acurate record of histroy and the ability to locate most technology. Also because the way the computer displays its information Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander may create short lived holograms. Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander currently lives in a square cave that at one point was an airplane hanger..... infact it still happens to have an airplane still inside. The interior of the hanger is filled with broken clocks and a few working once that are simply off. Also there are a number of old tires that have been arranged as furniture. The air plane itself has been converted into a bedroom. The hanger also contains one dud block buster bomb and a few tanks of gasoline as well as a number of crates which tend to be used as tables. Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander is short ans skinny with greasy red hair that tends to get in his eyes. A good description for Hercules Tertius Maximus Lysander is "A crazy hermit."

Daleks from another dimension!

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Postby Javafrost » Sat Jul 19, 2003 9:17 pm

Name: Hannah
Age: 32
Height: 5’2”
Occupation: midwife
Skills: assistance at childbirth, herb lore, basic healing
Bio: Hannah’s knowledge of midwifery -- assistance at natural childbirth -- has been handed down mother-to-daughter since before The Destruction, a time when midwives were persecuted. Prior to the Wrath of Sabaoth, humans lived with a prodigal dependence upon technology for answers to everything, forgetting that they were, in fact, creatures of nature themselves. From one extreme to the other… Since The Great Change, Hannah and her ancestors have experienced relief from the persecution and enjoyed the prestige appropriate to their important work for the survival of the species.
In spite of her standing amongst the locals, Hannah prefers to be left alone. She lives in an underground home nestled into the west-facing side of a hill south of the town of Wistclive. Every morning, she steps out her front door, breathes in the delicious aroma of the herbs growing by her home in the fresh mountain air, and greets the larger range of mountains, tinted red by the light of the rising sun, as she sips on her morning tea. Raising her cup to the sky, she salutes, "Klasma Pugme!" She knows not why.
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