Police Nab Flute Playing Driver

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Police Nab Flute Playing Driver

Postby Nyufrost » Thu Sep 11, 2003 7:23 am

Wow ... O_O

Talk about dangerous and reckless! I like the part where he says he wasn't actually blowing into the flute, just practicing fingering, as if that makes a big safety difference.
BERLIN (Reuters) - German police caught a man playing the flute with both hands as he sped through traffic at 80 miles per hour on a busy highway, police said Wednesday.

"He was leaning back in the seat and steering the car with his knees and feet," said Johann Bohnert, a spokesman for police in the town of Traunstein near the Austrian border. "He looked like he'd had practice." He now faces a fine of 50 euros ($56).

The 52-year-old from Salzburg in Austria, birthplace of Mozart, the composer whose works include the opera "The Magic Flute," told police he was not actually blowing the instrument. "He said he was just practicing fingerings," said Bohnert.
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