Officer Relieved of Duty for Relieving Himself

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Officer Relieved of Duty for Relieving Himself

Postby Nyufrost » Thu Sep 11, 2003 7:07 am

Oh man .... :lmao
RIVERDALE, Ga. (Court TV) — A police officer has been omitted from the law enforcement ranks following an unauthorized emission.

Police Captain Carl Freeman is accused of urinating into a "feed-the-fish pond" at an outdoor Atlanta-area theme park. The officer surrendered to authorities Wednesday and was charged with public indecency, disorderly conduct, trespassing and assault.

On Labor Day, Freeman was allegedly spotted making his contribution to a manmade pond from a foot bridge in the child-oriented Dixieland Fun Park.

When the park owner, who has not been identified, confronted Freeman and asked him to leave the park, Freeman reportedly refused and assaulted the owner.

Freeman will be on administrative leave until the allegations are fully investigated, according to Riverdale police.

The case has yet to be bound over from magistrate court to Fayetteville County State Court.
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