Parachuting Professor Lands in Jail

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Parachuting Professor Lands in Jail

Postby Nyufrost » Sun Aug 17, 2003 2:08 am

This is pretty funny ... :lol
SEATTLE (Court TV) — A parachuting professor of business landed hard, and in jail.

University of Wisconsin management professor James B. Wade faces charges of criminal trespass and reckless endangerment after he jumped from a 400-foot radio tower and required rescuers to untangle him from a wire 150 feet above ground, according to police.

Authorities would not initially confirm the identity of the jumper because he has not been formally charged.

But King County (Wash.) jail officials confirmed that a James Wade was brought in on the same potential charges and released after posting $750 bail. Photos of the jumper also matched pictures of Wade on his university Web site.

The sheriff's department has recommended charges and the matter now rests with the prosecutor's office, which could file charges in the next week, according to police Sgt. Kevin Fagerstrom.

Away from the classroom, Wade was apparently an avid base jumper: someone who parachutes from fixed objects like cliffs, skyscrapers and towers. Photos and information about his hobby were only recently removed from his online profile on the University of Wisconsin web site.

According to King County authorities, Wade and two others allegedly jumped off a broadcast tower owned by Crista Ministries over the weekend. The other jumpers fared better than Wade. One hit the ground running, literally, and fled the scene. The other also landed, watched Wade become tangled, and called 911, according to Sgt. Fagerstrom.

"What little credit we are giving [the caller] is that he did not abandon his friend," he said. Police are also recommending charges for the companion who called 911, who was detained at the scene.

Three firefighters scaled the tower to reach the elevated educator, according to police. They attached a safety harness to Wade and cut off the parachute. Other rescuers lowered Wade and the firefighters to safety.

University of Wisconsin officials would not comment until charges are filed. The school's Web site lists Wade as "on leave" this semester.

If charged and convicted of the two misdemeanor counts he faces, Wade could be sentenced to two years in prison and $1000 in fines, said Sgt. Fagerstrom.
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