Priest Uses Wrestling Moves on Teen Robber

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Priest Uses Wrestling Moves on Teen Robber

Postby Nyufrost » Mon Jun 23, 2003 9:42 am

It pretty much makes me sad that a bunch of teenagers would try to rob a church and punch a priest in the face but at least the priest was able to subdue one of the kids with a pretty cool move. :thumbs:
STEVENS POINT, Wis. (Court TV) — If you confess stealing to the Rev. Joseph O'Hara he might give you 10 Hail Mary's.

But try to steal from his St. Peter's Catholic Church, and the plucky priest might slap a mean double-chicken-wing wrestling hold on you.

The 39-year-old reverend — and former college wrestler — used some of his old moves to subdue one of the four teen suspected parish pilferers earlier this month, police said.

The reverend told police he entered the church to retrieve a book when he spotted the four teen burglars, whose names have not been released. O'Hara yelled at the boys, and three ran off, but O'Hara allegedly managed to nab one knife-wielding 14-year-old.

O'Hara was "basically using a variety of wrestling holds to keep the subject on the ground, and at the church until the police arrived," according to the police report.

The suspect wasn't down for the count yet. While O'Hara was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, the teen broke free and punched O'Hara in the face, breaking his glasses, according to the police report. O'Hara then employed further mat maneuvers to pin the teen again.

Within two hours of the incident, officers rounded up the three remaining suspects. Two were aged 13 and the third was 15.

All four were questioned and released to the custody of their parents, according to Stevens Point Police Capt. Jim Dowling, who added that the case would likely be handled by the county's Department of Human Services because of the ages of the suspects.
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