man sues himself

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man sues himself

Postby TerraFrost » Wed Mar 12, 2003 12:39 am

Randy Burcheon has filed a whopping $250,000 lawsuit against himself -- for making his life a living hell!

you can read more, here: ... 20006.html
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Postby Kaos » Wed Mar 12, 2003 12:52 am

*pokes terra* o.o

is this for real? o__O

:lol that's odd...very very odd....

but isn't he the same person? o.o how do they know which personality i who at a designated point and time? ....

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Postby Evlfrost » Wed Mar 12, 2003 3:03 pm

People are begining to take civil law suits a bit too far.
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Postby Some Unreg Punk » Sun Jun 08, 2003 9:58 pm

a few days ago I was at civil court waiting for a case. There was lots of people there, anyway the court clerk shows up and says his normal speil and starts calling off names ( if both parties are here they say settled, application, etc...)
He comes to one person who's sitting way up front and says his name twice for defendant and claimant. Clerk looks at the guy oddly and says, "No way your suing yourself. Only reply to your name." So he repeat s the name and the guy replys twice again. The court clerk tells the guy to go over to him and then he asks if there is anyone else here under his name. No one replies.
The clerk proceedes to tell him that if his case actually goes through and if he wins he will have to pay himself the money he is suing for. The claimant tells the clerk he isn't suing himself but he represents himself and the the defendants party. The party including a whole list of names that weren't there.
The clerk shook his head and told him his case is waived for another day. He sternly told him to make sure the party he is representing should be here the next time.

I thought that was the weirdest court case around. Now I read about this one and geezus. This better get thrown out of court. And there should be a law restricting civil cases... but the problem comes in how you word it so frivlious cases are lowered by number but non-frivilous cases are not.
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