Coriana 6 vs. Centauri Prime

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Coriana 6 vs. Centauri Prime

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:18 pm

In 4x06 - Into the Fire, Captain Sheridan had to chose between saving either Coriana 6 or Centauri Prime. He ultimately chose to save Coriana 6 because, as Marcus explained, Coriana 6 had twice as many people on it.

My question is... do you agree with that decision?

I think I do. The people of Coriana 6 probably weren't space faring, let alone possessing even the ability to know of the battle that was going on above them. As such, there wasn't any red tape that Sheridan needed to go through to amass a fleet there.

In contrast, with Centauri Prime, Sheridan probably would have had to ask. If the emperor said no (and it's very likely he would), they'd have to go on to Corina 6, anyway. If they just ignored the emperor and proceeded to amass a fleet there without consulting the Centauri, they could, quite potentially, find themselves under attack by the Centauri. Sheridan's fleet could probably wipe the Centauri out, but still... fighting a battle on three fronts is generally not a good idea.

And if the Centauri didn't start shooting, what'd happen, then? From that point on, there'd probably be distrust between the Centauri and everyone else. You ignoring our sovereignty proved beneficial for us this time... what about next time?

All in all, I think Coriana 6 was definitely the better of the two choices.
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