Richard Biggs Memorial Fund

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Richard Biggs Memorial Fund

Postby lorien1 » Sun Sep 05, 2004 10:47 am

Simon from has put up a *really* good website so that anybody anywhere can buy chances to win the prize packages for the fund.Site link below.Colin.<*>.

You can "buy" "chances" for some cool prize packages
plus you are contributing to the fund.

Prize Packages:

#1- 'From the Set I' to include David Gerrold's own "Believers" script
autographed by the author, cast and director; a set dressing cocktail napkin; a piece of Crusade stationery

#2 - 'From the Set II' to include set-used blueprints from episode #312-'A Late Delivery from Avalon'; a set-used thieves knife from Crusade/A Call to Arms; a piece of Babylon 5 stationery.

#3 - 'The Lighter Side' to include the 'bird' picture of the cast with some
autographs; Babylon Park video and t-shirt; a selection of satire prints by Tye Bourdenay, signed by the artist.

#4 - 'Art of B5' to include a painted portrait of Dr. Franklin, a limited
edition print of Londo & G'Kar; the 'War Without End' lithograph from
Lightspeed Fine Arts.

#5 - 'Autographs' - a collection of pictures and cards autographed by major players (JMS) to minor players (Security Guard #1) - 28 autographs in all.

#6 - 'Models, Cards & Games' to include a Special Edition Starfury model kit, a Babylon 5 Station model kit, several CCG and trading card sets and a Babylon 5 Board Game
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