OT New Starbuck Talks About Battlestar Gallactica

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OT New Starbuck Talks About Battlestar Gallactica

Postby lorien1 » Wed Oct 01, 2003 12:29 am

New Starbuck Talks About BSG


Author: Michael Hinman
Date: 09-30-2003
Source: Sci-Fi Pulse
She is the brand new Starbuck. And unlike the original portrayal by Dirk Benedict, this new character in Sci-Fi Channel's upcoming mini-series "Battlestar Galactica" is a little easier on the eyes.

Not that that has met with total positive response. But that doesn't stop Katee Sackhoff from talking about the new mini-series, and the fact that Starbuck received a sex change.

"I watched as many episodes of the original series as I could get (a) hold of," Sackhoff recently told Dreamwatch magazine about the original 1978 series. "I also watched some of the movies with strong female characters. I watched things like 'Terminator' and 'G.I. Jane,' and I got an idea from doing that what my physical strength needed to be. And then I just took the approach that this is a woman in a man's world, in a chosen career that is dominated by men. So I figured she needed to be extremely tough. After a while, I just picked up who she was and it seemed to come naturally."

Sackhoff said that she went into the character as prepared as possible, knowing as much of the background of Starbuck as possible.

"I was really committed, and I think the producers appreciated that during the audition process," Sackhoff said. "I had done a lot of research on Starbuck, and they didn't have to tell me where to go with it. I just went.

"I didn't think I was going to get the role, because the character was (originally) in her 30s. I went in and auditioned for the first time and I knew the casting directors. I had my managers call every single day until they finally said, 'OK, she can meet with the producers.' So I went to the producers and auditioned about four more times after that, and just really tried to sell to them that I understood who Starbuck was and what she was doing and what they were trying to accomplish with this series."

Of course, a female Starbuck has a lot of BSG purists up in arms, and Sackhoff said she is well aware of that.

"I wasn't at all surprised by the responses and reactions I was getting from the fans," she said. "I knew that they would be hurt by it, and basically what I've had to do is pcik a position and really stay with it. From my point of view, there are a lot of similarities between the two Starbucks. The spirit of the character is still the same.

"Starbuck still has a smart mouth and a fun-loving spirit. Starbuck still smokes cigars and drinks, and is still the best Viper pilot around. But the main difference between the two Starbucks is that my Starbuck is a lot more angry and confused, a lot of things from her past are affecting the way she acts now."

Sci-Fi Channel, in its recent promotional spots for the mini-series, have changed the release date for the project. It now will premiere Dec. 8 beginning at 8 p.m. ET. The original release date was Dec. 7.
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