B5 sightings

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B5 sightings

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Jun 17, 2003 11:52 pm

have you seen B5 references anywhere? :)

here are the ones i've read about:

so i was on a break at work the other day, and in the breakroom, judge joe brown was on. the bailiff calls the plaintiff and defendants, and as a plaintiff walks a woman with a shaved head, except for a pony tail. one of the co-defendants is wearing a long black cloak, and maintains a serious grim expression on his face. the other co-defendant is wearing some pink fluffy coat thing. judge brown sees them and comments "i see the centauri, and the technomage, so i must be on Babylon 5, but i have no idea what kind of alien you are"(looking at the guy in the pink coat). he then started to ask that particular defendant if he was mocking the court(the hair, obviously, couldn't be changed, and the cloak was somewhat tasteful, but the pink coat looked like somethin jesse the body ventura would have worn in the 80's)

I set my VCR to record the MTV Movie Awards show from MTV Nordic last Saturday. I just came home from Barcelona, and sat down to watch. It was the show from last year. The 2003 MTV Movie Awards is on MTV Nordic this Saturday. (Check your MTV region for time.)

I set the VCR for the 2003 awards, andwatched the 2002 awards -- which I hadn't seen yet -- and noticed something:

For an intermission sequence, Will Ferrell and Jack Black go to fetch Jodie Foster, who is supposed to present an award. Jodie locks herself in the panic room, and Will and Jack have to get her to come out. Their first tactic of getting her out doesn't work, so they have to "hit her where it hurts". They get in front of one of the security cameras. Jodie Foster and "daughter" watch them on security monitor, concerned.

Daughter: "What is he doing?"

Jodie: "I don't know".

Jack Black: "Oh! Lookie here! 'Gone with the Wind' commemorative plate. Oh, it's getting a little windy! Oh, it's gone!" He holds the plate above his head.
Plate crashes to the floor and brakes.

Jodies daughter is hiding her face in her mother's arms. Jodie wathes the monitor in horror and gasps.

Will Ferrell: "Cast of 'Babylon 5': Eat floor". He throws a Babylon 5 plate to the floor.

Jodie has to look away from the monitor. Gasps even more.

But the tactic doesn't succeed in getting them out of the panic room.

Season 9
Episode 198. Finders Keepers

An obnoxious street vendor called kippy, played by Max Grodenchik, gets his foot run over by a car. He's wearing a green bomber jacket with some patches on it. On his right arm: A patch from Babylon 5. I think it is an Earth Alliance patch.
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Postby Icegaze » Fri Jul 04, 2003 7:10 pm

That first one was kind of freaky.
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