Mr. Morden and the Shadow Warrior from 2x

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Mr. Morden and the Shadow Warrior from 2x

Postby TerraFrost » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:56 am

In 2x05 - The Long Dark there was a Shadow Warrior. To quote from the JMS Speaks section of the Lurker's Guide,

  • The shadows have their servants, which are being recalled to their places of power. That was one of their lower-level types.
  • Shadow servent. Soldier of darkness. Not a shadow, but a good, close friend of same.
So it's not a Shadow. This kinda raises the question, though... what would the Shadows that accompany Mr. Morden have done if Mr. Morden had been aboard the station? Would they have ignored it or helped it? No doubt they could have offered it faster transportation than the ship it was on.

There's also some question, though, of why it was on the moon that it and the GROPOS were on. There were supposed to be ruins on that moon - maybe it was some colony destroyed by the shadows a thousand years ago and left. Maybe it's simply one of many weapons in the Shadows disposal. ie. you use the drakh plague to achieve a certain effect, you use a drakh keeper to achieve another effect, and maybe these Shadow Warriors are intended to achieve yet another effect. Maybe they're intended to cause terror, while the plague is intended to kill and the keeper is intended to control.
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