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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Mar 02, 2008 8:00 am

I was in California twice, last year. San Francisco and Mountain View for one night, each. And it struck me at how much more similar both of those were to central TX then either New York City or London. Chain stores or restaurants, everywhere, almost no Mom and Pop stores, near as I could tell, and all in all, it seems to me that maybe California is maybe serving as a template for new cities - for cities built after the rise of the automobile in the early 1900's.

According to, Los Angeles grew from 100,000 people in 1900 to over a million in 1932. That would mean that most of it's growth took place after the automobile had been developed.

San Francisco had an earthquake that destroyed almost all of their buildings in 1906, which resulted in it's being rebuilt. Rebuilt after cars had been developed.

And now that cars are entrenched, it kinda makes one wonder if city expansion projects are now following in a similar pattern to California.

People talk about how cities are undergoing manhattanization. Maybe californiazation is something people should be more concerned about. Even if they aren't the basis for modern cities, California's still an incredible exporter of culture.
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Re: californiazation

Postby Rapscallion » Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:10 pm

hmmm..... It's interesting that you mention that. I was thinking the same thing about Phoenix, only now I think it's growing by its own terms.
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Re: californiazation

Postby Dracofrost » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:31 pm

I think that may reflect a general tendency towards sprawl in modern American car dominated cities...
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