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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:48 am

The hoodies article on wikipedia.org is an interesting read.

The first thing that I have to wonder, after reading it, is.. are hoodies, technically, jackets? I've always thought of them as such. In fact, although I've worn them most of my life, I've only become aware of the term "hoodie" in the past year or two years or so.

wikipedia.org lists "hoodie" in the "tops" section, while "blazer", "jacket", and "coat" are listed in the "outerwear" section. Of course, "shirts" are also in the "tops" section, and I do not at all view hoodies and shirts as being interchangeable. You wear a hoodie over a shirt, just as you'd wear a coat over a shirt or even a blazer over a dress shirt.

Maybe I view hoodies as being jackets becaues they have zippers. Granted, not all hoodies do, but I've never liked those that don't, and frankly, they seem to be quite a bit less common.

Also, according to wikipedia.org, hoodies are generally seen in a negative light in the UK. I was briefly in the UK (London), last year, and wore a hoodie everywhere I went. Maybe my perception was totally skewed, but I didn't seem to be treated any differently for it. Of course, the hoodie I had doesn't actually have a hood. It has the same form factor, but without the hood. Maybe then it's not, technically, a hoodie?

The wikipedia.org article makes me think that the reason they're frowned upon in the UK is because of the hood, though. If so, then what makes windbreakers any different? I wore around a windbreaker with hood with me while in the UK, as well, and again, I didn't seem to be treated any differently.

Incidentally, the wikipedia.org article also notes that, in California, practically everyone wears them. Practically everyone wears them in Texas, as well. Or atleast in central Texas. Combine that with the fact that, imho, a stereotypical California accent sounds more familiar then a stereotypical Texas accent, the fact that the way many people are using the word like ("i was telling them about this and they were like 'that's dumb!'", etc) can, supposedly, be traced back to California, etc, and... well, California must be one heck of an amazing exporter of culture. Of course, Hollywood is based out of California, so I guess that's not all that surprising. But still... it's quite humbling.
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Re: hoodies

Postby Dracofrost » Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:17 pm

I think hoodies might be viewed in a negative light in the UK because of Chavs or similar subcultures frequently wearing them, but that would just be a guess. As for what hoodies are, I've always viewed them as being more akin to a sweater or sweatshirt than a jacket, but then I don't have any with zippers, either. :?
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Re: hoodies

Postby Catgirl » Mon Mar 03, 2008 3:43 pm

I've always thought a "hoodie" is the sweatshirt-pullover type things with the hood and front pocket, while if it has a zipper... then it's a jacket :huh
anything with a hood would be a hoodie otherwise...
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