Some night....

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Some night....

Postby Rapscallion » Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:15 am

Well, two friends from my part of town (Goodyear, AZ) drove out to Tempe, picked me up, ate dinner, and took me to go see "Across the Universe." The movie was kind of nice; a hippie movie based in the 60s with several Beatles songs being sung by the actors. It had a strong feeling of love in it that I can't really say I've felt for a while.....

Anyway, we splashed in a fountain afterward (because two of us were stressed out and needed to act like dorks) and they dropped me off. I came back to my dorm and found two flyers that had been slipped under the door. They were surveys; my floor is finally getting a CA (the living in chaos was nice while it lasted), and he slipped them under each doorway. Hopefully, the guy won't be a prick.
I'm about to go to bed, get up early, and finish the last four problems on my Astronomy homework, go to a dentist appointment, go to kickboxing, go to class Friday, finish online homework, go to kickboxing, then go home for Veteran's Day weekend where I will play with my pets, watch horror movies with my friend, Matt Clarke, and enjoy myself COMPLETELY.

Moral of the Night: Don't drop out of college because you'll get drafted, get sent to Vietnam, and end up as a cab driver..... at least until the end when the reprise happens and you can sing, "All you need is love," "Hey Jude," or "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds."
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