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Postby Rapscallion » Sun Oct 28, 2007 5:03 pm

Well we beat them! Final score was 31 to 20. The student section was awesome, as usual. I'm glad I was a part of it. When we won the game, my roomate starting shouting "Rush the field!!" So we all ran down the aisle of the student section to the gate where a security guard and some campus cop were pushing us back. Finally, the cop pulled out the taser and shouted "GET THE F*CK BACK!!!" and everybody said "EEK!!! ALRIGHT!!!" I didn't see this though, I was just pushing forward, then I heard someone shout "GET THE F*CK BACK!!!!" then everybody screamed and pushed me back. I heard people shouting, "What the hell, man?" or "You're not going to stop all of us!!" It didn't really matter, though because we all just jumped the wall and the fence literally 3 yards away from the aisle gate. We all ran out onto the field, rioted around the players, and a bunch of people jumped up onto the field goal and started shaking it, trying to break it. It was awesome, and I hope the University of Arizona (our big rival) game is even better. :evil:

The first one shows when everybody was just starting to climb onto the field goal. The Second one shows you how everyone was climbing the walls and fences and hording out onto the field; it doesn't capture the full spirit of the moment since this girl was in the nosebleeds(not the student section) and because this was long after everyone had made it onto the field (including me), but before everyone was trying to break the field goal. It turns out that they didn't break it; just bent it way the hell out of proportion.
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