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Postby Roadkill » Tue Jan 31, 2006 3:16 am

Sorry, i guess i should try to kick some southen expresions, now that i have been accepted to the prestigious and "gentlemanly" GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the fun part. I was going to go up there today for a scholarship interview for Army Rotc Scholarship, but a few days ago, using the applicatoin tracker something disturbing appeared. I sent in and payed my applicatoin fee and all materials in mid to late december. The deadline to send it in is Jan 15. Under admissions documents, suddenly appeared were "essay" and "leadership" and date received as Jan 23rd. This really worried me and made my mom flippin mad at me for no reason. So we, me and mom, left early to talk to the admissions officer about it.

We go in, we find the place, we talk to the receptionist about our issues and fill out a form and wait. IN a moment the officer comes out, greets us and invites us back into her office. We explain the initial reason for the visit, the scholarhsip interview, before we get to my concerns. Amazingly, she has my file on her desk, and starts talking about my accomplishments, then breaks the ice and says "let me be the first to tell you that you have been admitted to GA Tech." The crazy thing is that she had admitted me that morning, just as me and me my mom were driving up there (4 hour drive, btw).

So hell yeah! Spent the next hour trying to find the ROTC admin offices. No one, not even the people in neighboring buildings knew where they were located. But i did find the lace, the officer i was interviewing with was stuck in traffic still when i got there. He came, i did a survey, then we talked. Or rather, i answered a few questions, then let him talk. From the sound of it, I think i stand a very good chance of receiving an Army ROTC scholarship. The scholarship board meets wednesday morning, so wednesday afternoon the know who they want. So hopefully within a week i'll know my status on that. And if I don't, I still have an even better chance of being offered a scholarship on atttendance to the university in August, simply because most of the original winners never claim their reward.

HELL YEAHS! GA TECH, for reference, was recently ranked by US and World News higher than MIT in most areas. It is the top Aeronautical school in the nation. The Athletics and Student Rec center was inherited from the Olympics when they were held in Atlanta. The Student Center is like a freaking mall! Post office, food service, plasma TVs, modern design, cafe and travel services about half the cost of regular coffee or services, optical services, book store, ballroom. They have rock climbing gym and rock climbing club, and a Russian club. The teachers include former committee chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee SAM NUNN, a nobel peace prize finalist, and according to some, very over qualified language professors. The dorms in half the campus, which were also designed for olympic athletes, are freakin huge! like 12'x12' for two people!

I will be studying International Affairs and Modern languages. A friend says we're called Intas, which are a step above special ed and a step below management. *shrug* Just means we don't have to take calculus.

In august, i get to say goodbye to driving my car.

I already know a few people up there, and a friend has also been admitted.

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Postby Dev » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:35 pm

Totally awesome dude. My brother is going into Hunter College.
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Postby chaotic century » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:49 pm

for a second I thought lil Jon was on the baord, but then I saw that it was yeehaw, heh anyway, that's awesome, good luck with everything.
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Postby Wolfie » Thu Feb 16, 2006 3:18 am


You'll only be 10 minutes away. Oh the evil fun.

Congrats, boi. ....even though I've already said so.
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Postby Evlfrost » Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:38 am


Now you get to learn all the evils of college life.
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Postby Kaos » Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:41 pm




Everyone is in Georgia now xD
What part are you in atm?

..i was supposed to visit wolfie, and draco, and chat.
never got around to it

*horrible person* =O!

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