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Truth in Advertising

Postby Nyufrost » Wed Aug 06, 2003 11:24 pm

I really like this idea! A brochure for rural living features a scratch and sniff sticker that smells like manure so potential new homeowners can know what it smells like to live out in the country near a farm. I think too many city slickers like to plan on moving to the country without any thought of what the country is really like and then complain nonstop. This ought to help. :)
Mich. Farm Life Brochure Has Manure Odor
Wed Aug 6, 8:35 AM ET

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Ottawa County officials are raising a stink as they try to educate would-be residents of some of the realities of rural living.

The Ottawa County Planning Commission has created a new brochure designed to reduce nuisance complaints that new homeowners sometimes make against farmers. The pamphlet includes a scratch-and-sniff section that emits a genuine odor of manure.

"It's an attention grabber," said Mark Knudsen, director of the county's planning and grants department. "The whole purpose is that people should not move into a rural area unless they're willing to accept and embrace the practices that happen on a farming operation."

Ottawa remains a major farm county, with dairy cows, beef cattle, chickens, turkeys and hogs. Too many buyers with a taste for country life are moving in and complaining about noise, dust and odors, farmers and county official say.

"We've got people near us calling the police and saying they don't want to hear the tractors," said Ann Pyle, whose family has a dairy herd.

The pamphlet explains that state law generally protects farmers from complaints about their operations, especially when spraying pesticides, spreading manure, transporting products and driving slow machines on two-lane roads.
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